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Friday, November 20, 2009

Mary's Deal or No Deal Game Report 20/11/09

Noel says he's still sizzing and fizzing and buzzing after Anita got a life-changing sum of money yesterday! He goes through some of the dreams of the contestants, including Bev who wants to buy a pigeon with her winnings!

Mary has box 2. Mary says her family call her Bubbles, and she's a retired bus conductress/machinist. She tells Noel to move along the bus please. She shows a very old B&W pic of her with her sisters, and another pic of her with her son Trevor. She says Trevor had a stroke and can't walk very well, so she wants some money to help him. We also get to see a pic of her late husband, and she explains she met him in a pub when she got chucked out for causing trouble!

Mary has her friend Ruby in the audience today.

Round 1
Mary says she can't read the name badges or remember the names!
4 - Clare - £100,000
8 - Bev - £35,000
Noel asks Mary to stop doing this please! Mary chooses Craig now, and she says he looks like a Yankee!
13 - Craig - £750
12 - Carl - £500
Mary says every time she chooses a box, she'll kiss Noel! She says she's going to have her lips pumped if she wins any money!
3 - Ryan - 10p

Banker time
Mary asks if the banker's American, and he says hello to Mary in an American accent.

Banker's offer:

Mary says that's a lot of money to her. She says NO DEAL before Noel has asked the question!

Mary officially says

Round 2
9 - Corinne - £5,000
1 - Bert - £15,000
20 - Michelle - £1,000
Noel says "THOUSAND"

Banker time
The banker says that Mary is a similar age to him, as he was kicking his heels during wartime...

Banker's offer:

Noel says he could hear Glenn Miller playing in the banker's room! She says she went out rather than listening to music. Noel says he can imagine her being with GIs, and Mary says they were gone by the time she woke up.

Mary says

Round 3
7 - Angela - £10,000
11 - Ronnie - £50,000
BIG groans for that one, but Mary keeps on clapping...
15 - Monique - £75,000
What a ghastly round, says Noel

Banker time
The banker says he wouldn't have left Mary in the morning and would've stayed, as she's charming and cheap!

Banker's offer:

Noel asks what Mike thinks, and he says the £250k could be in Mary's box as we've seen it happen before recently.

Mary says

Round 4
22 - Emma - £50
21 - Rob - 1p
16 - Mike - £100

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Mike says he doesn't know how much money Mary needs, but he warns her that it's looking precarious. She asks her friend Ruby and she says she knows Mary wants to go on! The banker phones back and says he'd be horrible if he drew an old lady into making a big mistake, but if she goes on and has an all-blue round, the offer will be £26,000. Mary says that hasn't really helped and she's confused! Ruby joins her at the pound table, and they get a bit emotional. Ruby tells Mary she'd have to be VERY lucky to take out 3 blues now. Noel asks the question and the banker phones up. He says Mary shouldn't be tempted by the promise of £26,000. He now says he won't offer £26,000 if she has an all-blue round, he'll offer £32,000!

Mary says

Round 5
18 - Peter - £5
17 - newbie Flo - £3,000
Noel says the £32k will slip.
14 - Andrew - £250,000

Banker time
Noel says that's now a frightening board. The banker says he's rewarding Mary's courage by not offering an offer in the hundreds.

Banker's offer:

Mary quickly says

Round 6
Noel says that's a big relief, and £2,000 is a very respectable sum of money.
5 - Harry - £250
"NO" says Noel
6 - Andy - 50p
10 - Katie - £10

Banker time with £1 and £20,000 remaining

The banker says he'd have loved to have seen Mary win a blue!

Banker's offer:

Mary says to Ruby that she wants to keep the £2,000 as it's better than £1. Ruby says we don't know what's in the box though. Mary then says she's a gambler!

Mary says

She keeps the £2,000

Noel says there are quite a few disappointed people here, but he says what a nice sum £2,000 is. He says that's the 2nd game in a row that the banker's gamble has been offered.

Mary has £20,000 in her box 2

Box 19 with Charmaine contains the £1

Mary says whatever will be, will be! The banker phones back with a present for Mary as she turned her back on £20,000. A crew member comes on set and delivers a big bouquet of flowers to Mary. Noel suddenly realises that the banker has nicked those flowers from his dressing room!
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