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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Elaine's Deal or No Deal Game Report 03/11/09

Noel says there is a favourite expression that contestants use when they get to an important decision on the show and that is 'I came with nothing', but he says that isn't always the case as many spend a lot of time on systems or practising box opening, and then goes over to Mary who he says has been practising her box opening face He then gets Mary to show us her new box opening laugh

Elaine has box 10 today. Noel asks Elaine how she can be that surprised by being picked today. Elaine is a health visitor, and used to be a midwife. She has brought along her grandaughters handbag today, and she says that she really loves the show.

Elaine says she is very noisy but is also easily distracted! Noel introduces Elaine's husband who is in the audience for support, and he warns everyone that she is loud and also talks a lot Elaine says she likes a gamble and then starts waving her hands around, and Noel copies this

Round 1
2 - 1p Ginge
Elaine jumps around and screams and tells Noel that she nearly wee'd
6 - £10 Shaz
Noel warns that there could be a flood if this is the 10p
9 - £50 Bibs
13 - £15,000 Mike
20 - £20,000 Paul

Banker time
Noel asks the pilgrims what they think of the opening round and it gets a mixed reaction... The Banker says that Elaine in the Hall of Fame as they have never had a contestant say they nearly wee'd, and tells her UR'ine the Hall of Fame

Banker's offer:

Elaine tells Noel to ignore her husband as he is the opposite to her and he would deal now!!

Elaine says

Round 2
18 - £250 Caz
11 - £100,000 Ryan
17 - £10,000 Terry

Banker time
The Banker says that he is worried about the power of Elaine's granddaughter's crown that she has for luck!

Banker's offer:

Noel thinks that Elaine has come for a lot more, and Elaine says that she would love to give her son some money to give him a good start in life...

Elaine says

Round 3
21 - £50,000 Debs
4 - £35,000 Lucy
Oh my word says Noel, you have a very big hole now...
16 - 50p Alex

Banker time
Noel tells Elaine to braec herself as that was a horrible round...

Banker's offer:

Elaine says that is a good offer... She gets advice from the wings...

Round 4
22 - £1,000 Newbie Carl
12 - 10p Craig
Elaine chooses box 5 next, but Dickie asks if she is really sure as 5 has been lucky for her in the past
5 - £75,000 Dickie

Banker time
That big hole has now turned into a chasm says Noel... The Banker warns Elaine that on such a board there is no way the offer can go up...

Banker's offer:

BUT Elaine has to give the Banker her granddaughters crown!!! Paul asks Elaine if she knows where they bought the tiara as they could just go out and buy another one Dickie tells Elaine the offer would have to be a lot more if he was going to sell his granddaughters tiara

Banker's offer:

But Elaine has to tell her granddaughter that the Banker has smashed her tiara to pieces!!!

The Banker starts playing mind games with Elaine over the tiara, and tells her if Elaine DEAL's he will video himself smashing up the tiara and show the video in one of the shows!!!!

Banker's offer:

Elaine says

Proveout round 5
The Banker sends for the tiara!
1 - £100 Anita
14 - £250,000 Rio
19 - £500 Owain

Banker time
Noel lets us hear the Banker smashing up the tiara!!!! The Banker says that it is ruined now!

Banker's offer would've been:

Proveout round 6
3 - £3,000 Ceri
7 - £750 Claire
15 - £5,000 Mary

Banker time with £1 and £5 remaining

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens Elaine's box 10 and reveals £5

Ronnie with box 8 contains the £1

Elaine says she is elated with that result...The Banker says he made a prediction at the start of the show and put it inside a box! A red DoND box is brought out and Noel opens it to reveal a card saying 'Banker Gift' - Noel then takes out the tiara that hasn't been smashed up

Noel tells Elaine to take the box home and give it to her granddaughter.
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Deadbeat said...

Just wanted to put in a quick comment to say I love what you do - I check out your reports after every episode, and if I miss a show, I know where to look to find out what happened!

Keep it up :)