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Friday, November 06, 2009

Debs Deal or No Deal Game Report 06/11/09

Noel says he hopes we had a safe bonfire night, and he describes Owain's game as 'safe' and talks a bit about it.

Debs has box 16.

Debs has her husband Nick with her today. She shows a pic of her house when it got flooded and another pic of her young children. She says her son calls anyone who has facial hair "Uncle Noel". She has a couple of pieces of paper with her that her son found at the hotel, and one has a message asking for money, and the other has the number 13 written on it.

Round 1
1 - Caz - £20,000
14 - Mike - £10
6 - Shaz - £3,000
Emma now, and she says she's not sure about her box...
17 - Emma - £100,000
7 - Carl - 1p

Banker time
Noel says Debs has a theory about the banker! Debs speaks to the banker and says he's very good, and wonders if he's sometimes nasty because he was bullied at school! The banker tells his story about how his fellow schoolmates threw his abacus into the pond and he became a good swimmer as a result, and was called the Wet Rocket.

Banker's offer:

Debs says the banker has a nice soul.

Debs says

Round 2
10 - newbie Angela - £500
Debs is wondering whether she should keep 22 or not.
22 - Clare - £5
Noel says he'd like to see the board tidied up by finding the £1,000 but Debs says it's her game so she'll do it her way!
5 - Terry - £15,000

Banker time
The banker says he enjoyed his session with Debs at the last offer, and he says his good soul is bubbling to the surface.

Banker's offer:

Debs has some cryptic communication with her husband which confuses Noel! Debs says £10,000 is about what they earn in a year at the moment, as she's spending time with her children.

Debs says

Round 3
Noel talks about the board being neat again! Debs says she disagrees and puts it down to Noel being a generation away from Debs! He sits down as he says he's feeling his age.
9 - Anita - £10,000
19 - Craig - £5,000
Debs gets her husband to pick a box and he says 11.
11 - Rio - £35,000

Banker time

Banker's offer:
£12,500 + a stairlift for Noel!!

Debs quickly says

Round 4
21 - Kerry - £250,000
15 - Bibs - £1
Noel says we have a problem as £50k and £75k look vulnerable, and Debs has financial problems at the moment.
12 - Ginge - 10p

Banker time
Noel says this is looking precarious. The banker talks about the pieces of paper Debs' son found, and says he found one too, and it says "I have no soul". Debs says it's in capitals so it doesn't count.

Banker's offer:

Debs says that's still a very good sum of money.

Debs says

Round 5
Debs is still leaving 13 for now...
18 - Paul - 50p
3 - Ryan - £50
Alex now, and Debs says he has accurate feelings about his boxes. He says he has a strange feeling about his box today.
20 - Alex - £50,000

Banker time
The banker says that was an extraordinary round. He says it was 50, 50, 50... 50p, £50 and £50,000.

Banker's offer:

Debs is surprised that the offer has gone up. Shaz reminds her to focus on why she's here. Debs says how they're living in temporary accommodation due to the flood, and the value of their house has gone down because of the market and the flood. The banker phones at this point and he says he'll up the offer, as his emotions have got to him.

Banker's offer:
£3,050 + 4-man tent

Debs asks if that means she has to sleep with 3 other men. Noel praises Debs for taking this so well... her husband joins her at the pound table.

Debs says

Round 6
Debs says even just £100 would get them some nice treats.
4 - Dickie - £75,000
13 - Rob - £250
Ronnie is away today.
2 - Ronnie (opened by Ryan) - £1,000

Banker time with £100 and £750 remaining

Banker's offer:

Debs says £250 would pay their medical bills for a year and £100 wouldn't.

Debs says

Noel says he thought Debs was going to say deal there.

Debs wins £750 from her box 16.

Mary with box 8 contains the £100

Noel says Debs is a lesson in how to treat life and take knocks.
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