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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Paul's Deal or No Deal Game Report 10/11/09

What a game yesterday Noel declares, and he talks about the 4 forces that can make a great effect on the contestant's game, the wings, and also the friends and family who really influenced Ginge and possibly stopped her winning £75,000!

Paul has box 9 today. Noel tells everyone to keep clapping as Paul messes up putting the box on the table! Noel reveals that Paul is a council tax officer and that gets a lot of boos! Paul likes creative writing and tells us a little about it, and how he started writing a book and put a lot of effort into it and has found out a film has been released covering his subject! Paul has a birthday card he received which has a picture of Noel on the front, and Noel says he hasn't seen that card before and might be suing someone!!

We get to see a few of Paul's family pics....

Round 1
Paul says he was going to get rid of box 9 first, but can't now and asks Noel if he could just open it now
22 - £3,000 Ceri
13 - £5,000 Dickie
Angela next and she thinks there is a bit of heat coming from her box!
11 - £1 Angela
Paul says it feels really weird standing there and feels as though you have been sucked into the telly with a life-size Noel
3 - £10 Ryan
5 - £750 Mike

Banker time
Paul isn't sure how many boxes have been opened and Noel worries that he is in charge of council money The Banker talks about being sucked into the telly and says it reminds him of Charlie and the Chocolate factory. The Banker likes Paul as he is less popular than him as he is a council tax collector!

Banker's offer:

The Banker says there are some deductions, £5,000 for police, £5,000 for schools, £5,000 for refuse collection etc..., and Paul now owes the banker £1,000!

Banker's real offer

Paul decides to SWAP... He picks box 7... Noel swaps box 9 for box 7

Round 2
Paul picks box 9 straight away...
9 - £15,000 Craig
15 - 50p Mary
Paul picks Alex next, and he says that he has either £20,000 or £35,000! Paul changes his mind.
6 - £10,000 Rio

Banker time
The Banker says Paul was courageous swapping

Banker's offer:

Paul says his wife told him to deal the first offer!

Paul says

Round 3
10 - £35,000 Anita
4 - £50,000 Bibs
No, No, No goes Noel...
2 - £50 Rob

Banker time
That wasn't enough says Noel and the offer will drop now...

Banker's offer:

Paul says that his wife will kill him if he goes home with a blue. Noel asks what he would like to spend the money on, and he would like a new car and to take his children to Florida.

Paul says

Round 4
18 - £5 Emma
Paul thinks about going with Alex again...
1 - £20,000 Carl
Noel has given Paul a stiff talking to in the break and made him more positive about his game
19 - £100,000 Alex

Banker time
You need to brace yourself here for a horrible offer says Noel... The Banker tells Paul he needs to be worried about his wife when he takes home a blue...

Banker's offer:

Paul talks about only being here once and there are still 2 big amounts on the board.

Paul says

Round 5
17 - £100 Shaz
16 - 1p Newbie Charmaine
21 - 10p Andrew

Banker time
Noel tells Paul that Emma really helped in with that last decision and really turned his game around.

Banker's offer:

Mike tells Paul that is some serious wonga... Paul gets lots of advice from the wings talking about the courage he had to take the swap at the start, and he would also need courage to be prepared to go home with a blue...

Paul says

Proveout round 6
12 - £250,000 Clare
It is always sweet when that happens says Noel
20 - £250 Caz
14 - £500 Michelle

Banker time with £1,000 and £75,000 remaining

The Banker wants to make sure he has one over on the council tax man!

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens box 7 and reveals £1,000

Ronnie with box 8 contains the £75,000

Noel tells Paul that he should go home and tell his wife that the box he chose had £15,000 and he swapped if for £1,000! Then when she reaches for the knife tell her that he came home with £24,000
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