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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Anita's Deal or No Deal Game Report 19/11/09

Noel points out that the pilgrims come from all over the country to see the show, as do the contestants, and he talks about the pride they have for their local communities and winds up a few of them about their towns!

Anita has box 4 today. Anita takes a while to put her box on teh table and wonders how long the game will take! Anita comes from Greenwich and Noel hopes that the Banker isn't mean today! We get to see a few of Anita's photos, and she also has a drawing that her daughter has drawn and it has a drawing of Mr Blobby, and Noel says he will be taking that era to his grave with him

Noel asks Anita if she gambles, and she replies that she has never gambled in her life.

Round 1
22 - £750 Mike
1 - £1 Ronnie
10 - 10p Harry
19 - £250 Andrew
Noel says he isn't going to say anything to jinx the round now!!
13 - £5,000 Peter

Banker time
That is a great opening round says Noel, and he then reads out the poem that Anita's class wrote for the Banker The Banker says he has written a reply for them and reads if out, it says 'Naff off!!' The Banker says that Anita was walking around her room at 4:06 this morning!

Banker's offer:

Anita says

Round 2
7 - £10 Bev
Noel says that he is liking this game.
17 - £100 Mary
Noel says Anita would like to have a super family holiday.
15 - Angela - £5

Banker time
Noel says he can't remember a game this year which has been this good! Noel lets the phone rings for ages before he answers it, and the banker says he's upset by this board... he wants Anita to be the first person to deal the 2nd offer.

Banker's offer:

Noel says he knows Anita would consider £13k to be life-changing. Emma tells Anita to take deep breaths and enjoy it, and says Anita looks like a rabbit in the headlights!! The banker phones and says rabbits in headlights get crushed by traffic!

Anita says

Round 3
2 - Emma - 50p
3 - Monique - £3,000
8 - Bert - £50
What an AMAZING board, only 2 blues left and the power 5 intact

Banker time
Noel says he doesn't think we've ever had this happen, as nearly all of the inconsequential sums have gone! The banker recognises that statistically speaking, games like this will happen occasionally. He also says that Anita is a rabbit and the banker has the headlights...

Banker's offer:

Katie reminds Anita what an amazing board she has. A few others offer positive words of advice today. The banker rings back and starts singing "Run rabbit run rabbit don't let the banker have his fun".

Anita says

Round 4
5 - Katie - £250,000
11 - Rob - £15,000
Noel says Anita's story is typical of someone bringing up children in the current climate.
16 - Corinne - £10,000

Banker time
The banker says the game is turning to him now, and Anita should get out with this offer.

Banker's offer:

Emma gives some advice and says Anita's bound to hit the reds now, but she still has huge sums on the board.

Anita says

Round 5
14 - Craig - £20,000
20 - Clare - £50,000
9 - Charmaine - £35,000

Banker time
Ooh, what a round, says Noel. The banker says he doesn't know whether to go up or down here...

Banker's offer:

Noel says some would say that offer's a lifeline. Mike talks about the energy in the game and Carl says she should consider the offer due to the lack of backups.

Anita says
Round 6
6 - Michelle - £500
21 - newbie Andy - £100,000
12 - Carl - 1p

Banker time with £1,000 and £75,000 remaining

The banker talks about how £16,000 will change her life.

Banker's offer:

The others tell Anita to think about it, and ask if she'd be prepared to leave with £1k.

Anita says

She keeps the £16,000.

Noel says it's wonderful that DoND has changed Anita's life with her £16k.

Anita has £1,000 in her box 4

18 - Ryan - £75,000

Noel congratulates Anita on not taking the gamble and keeping the £16k! He says that was a memorable game.
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