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Thursday, January 19, 2012

David's Deal or No Deal Game Report 18/01/12

David has box 21 today. David is a semi-retired engineer. David talks about how he got into engineering. He has his wife in the audience for support today. We get to see a picture of David's 2 grandchildren. David has brought along some conkers, and Noel says he will chat about them later, along with David's outfit.

Round 1
David asks the pilgrim who came into the studio first today to choose the first box.
16 - £20,000 Leo
22 - £5 Chris
8 - £5,000 Brian
6 - £500 Cynthia
5 - £1,000 Bekki

Banker time
Noel notices that they have left a label exposed on David's microphone transmitter, and gets a sound engineer out to sort it out and also apologise to David for the slip in standards. The Banker asks why his 2 victories this week don't feel like victories.

Banker's offer:

David very quickly says NO DEAL before Noel can even ask the question.

David says

David has disappeared off set, and reappears as King Conker. David explains he has been a member of a conker club for a number of years, and a few years ago was asked to be King Conker and welcome conker players from all over the world to the conker contests, and over the years have raised over £400,000.

Round 2
20 - £15,000 Newbie Candice
David says that Lily is an incredible kisser, and Noel says she got her experience during the war syphoning petrol!
19 - £35,000 Lily
1 - £75,000 Irene

Banker time
That was a rotten round says Noel. The Banker says he used to be a conker player as well, and had a conker tree in his garden when he was younger.

Banker's offer:

David says

Round 3
Noel says that David would like to go to Norway, and David says he went there for his honeymoon and would love to go back as he left a coat there
4 - 50p Snowy
3 - £50 Robbie
Noel asks David about the rules of conkers, and David gives us some of the rules in collecting them and also playing conkers.
13 - 10p Helen

Banker time
That was quite a round from King Conker says The Banker.

Banker's offer:

We are motoring now says Noel. David goes to the wings for some advice.

David says

Round 4
15 - £250 Guiliana
Noel says that this could be another massive payout for the Banker as David is taking the blues out at just the right moment
18 - £750 Michael
14 - £10,000 Carland

Banker time
That is one heck of an 8-box says Noel. The Banker says he wishes he never got out of bed this week, he notes that both players this week gambled at this point and got lucky.

Banker's offer:

David goes to his wife for some advice, and she says that if it was her playing she would deal, but this is his game and he should do what he wants. David then goes to the wings for some advice.

David says

Round 5
9 - £250,000 Wendy
These next 2 are really important says Noel
7 - £3,000 Renee
11 - £100 Greg

Banker time
It's changed and £17,000 is a memory says Noel. The Banker says that what was likely to happen, happened.

Banker's offer:

Wendy says that she would really like David to consider this offer.

David says

Round 6 - Proveout round
10 - £1 Rich
17 - £50,000 Dale
2 - 1p Alex

Banker time with £10 and £100,000 remaining

No, it can't be there on the table 2 days in a row says Noel.

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens David's box 21 and reveals £100,000

Box 12 with Jodi contains the £10

David says he would never had won the £100,000 as he would have taken the £24,000 offer.

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