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Friday, January 06, 2012

Ioannis' Deal or No Deal Game Report 06/01/12

Ioannis has box 14 today. The game doesn't start well as Ioannis puts his box on the table the wrong way around. Ioannis is originally from Cyprus and came over here in 1957. Noel asks Ioannis what he did when he came over here, and Ioannis breaks out into laughter, then says he was a kitchen porter, and Noel asks if he was working in a hotel in Torquay. Ioannis talks about the various hotel jobs he has had before joining the merchant navy. Ioannis shows us a photo of his family.

Noel thinks this game will be side splitting, but Ioannis says he doesn't know what the means. Ioannis doesn't have a system.

Round 1
5 - £1 Adam
3 - £50,000 Jodi
10 - £5,000 Newbie Giuliana
11 - £20,000 Zoe
8 - £100 Margaret

Banker time
The Banker says 'rather you than me' to Noel, he thinks they have let gas and air into the studio today.

Banker's offer:

Ioannis gets all mixed up about what happens next and just says thank you, no deal. Noel asks him if he would like a question now.

A member of the DoND production team explain how the show works to Ioannis.

Ioannis says

Round 2
Noel thinks this round should be quicker now that the game has been explained to Ioannis, but he is still sat in the chair and then tells Noel that he is ready for the question now!
13 - £750 Snowy
15 - £1,000 Paul
22 - £15,000 Stef

Banker time
The Banker says they have been doing this show for 6 years with some of the finest production crew getting the players ready, but today they have all failed

Banker's offer:

Ioannis says

Round 3
Noel looks through some of Ioannis' dreams, and he says that Ioannis is a big fan of the weather here, and Ioannis says that it is because it is so different here and always changing. Ioannis starts telling a story about skinny dipping with Margaret Thatcher! Noel says that none of this isn't on Ioannis' card.
19 - £10 Darren
21 - £500 Bekki
We see a shot of Alex the producer leaving the studio with a box of his belongings. Noel asks Ioannis why he kept the story secret about him skinny dipping with Margaret Thatcher, and Ioannis says that there is just so much to tell and he had to leave some stories out. Noel is a little worried about their producer Alex as he hasn't faired so well during this game, and the camera then pans to a shot with a note sayin 'I quit'
9 - £10,000 Belinda

Banker time
Ioannis goes around and high 5s the wings and then the pilgrims, Noel has to drag him back to the pound table.

Banker's offer:

Ioannis asks Noel what he has to do now, and Noel says that he has to consider this offer and take things a little more seriously now.

Ioannis says

Round 4
7 - £100,000 Renee
12 - £35,000 Chris
We need a blue now says Noel.
4 - £3,000 Carland

Banker time
The Banker says that round was very much in his favour, but he will still make a generous offer as Ioannis has ruined a young mans life. We then see a shot of producer Alex begging outside the studio.

Banker's offer:

Paul tells Ioannis to think about this offer as he could destroy his game in the next couple of boxes. Alex tells him to really think about this offer as well, and to remember yesterday. Lots of other contestants tell Ioannis to really consider this offer.

Ioannis says

Noel says he will ask Ioannis about his decision at the end of the game, as he thinks Ioannis was going to do something very different before he got some very sound advice

Round 5 - Proveout
20 - £50 Dale
18 - £250 Laurie
1 - £75,000 David

Banker time
You did go too soon says Noel.

Banker's offer would've been:

Round 6 - Proveout
16 - £250,000 James
That is amazing says Noel, it is so similar to yesterday
6 - 1p Leo
2 - £5 Michael

Banker time with 10p and 50p remaining

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens Ioannis' box 14 and reveals 10p

Wendy with box 17 contains the 50p

Ioannis says that he was going to say 'No Deal' to the £10,000 until everyone spoke up and advised him to deal.

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