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Monday, January 09, 2012

Zoe's Deal or No Deal Game Report 09/01/12

Noel says Darren's game yesterday was marvellous, and he talks about the marriage theme that ran throughout the show. He says he feels the show peels away the façades of the contestants and we get to know the inner people. Noel says today, Adam's alter ego Babs is starring, and Adam comes out dressed in his skimpy Babs Union Jack dress!

Zoe has box 4. Zoe is from Birmingham and she's a recovery nurse, and she'd ideally like to be a midwife. Zoe's fiancé Tom is in the audience today, and she introduces us to a toy goat she has with her! Tom tells a story of how Zoe often wakes up and thinks she's a goat and other animals! Zoe compares herself to the goat because she talks a lot. We get to see Zoe and her family on her graduation day. Noel says he can see a goat of arms on her certificate

Round 1
Noel spots Zoe is wearing braces, and she says Tom thinks of them as reins.
13 - Laurie - 50p
7 - David - £35,000
Noel says what a contrast there is between Adam/Babs and David!
1 - newbie Rich - £100,000
Noel asks Rich what his jumper's all about, and Rich asks Noel what his shirt's all about.
11 - Lily - 1p
9 - Leo - £50
Noel reveals that Leo lives in a haunted house, and the ghost's name is Margaret.

Banker time
The banker says he empathises with Zoe, as he's felt like he's a goat ever since he's been a kid.

Banker's offer:

Zoe says that's got her thinking.

Zoe says

Round 2
Zoe says a colleague of hers dreamt that 17 would have £250,000 in.
6 - Jodi - £5,000
8 - Margaret - £1,000
14 - Stef - £500

Banker time
Noel talks about how the board is symmetrical, and the banker says Zoe is tidy!

Banker's offer:

Zoe asks her fiancé, and he says she won't listen to him!

Zoe says

Round 3
12 - Michael - £100
18 - James - £1
16 - Renée - £50,000

Banker time
The banker talks about how Zoe wanted to find the 10p.

Banker's offer:

Noel says Zoe wants to pay off her student debt, take her mum on holiday and get a new car. Zoe says she'd also like to get enough money for a deposit on her own place. Zoe asks Belinda for advice, and she says she'd do one more round.

Zoe says

Round 4
17 - Belinda - £10
19 - Bekki - £250
15 - Carland - £15,000

Banker time
Noel says Zoe still didn't find the 10p! The banker says we'll all be upset when Zoe wins 10p.

Banker's offer:

Zoe's fiancée says Zoe could make that money last forever, and she says she's very tight! Zoe says she's always said she'd ignore the £250k if she had a good offer, and she wants to be grounded now. James says it's a very good offer, and she may to go all the way if she declines it, and Jodi says she's more likely to have a red in her box than a blue. Zoe talks about the balance between risk and reward, and she asks her fiancée, who says he'd deal here.

Zoe says

Round 5 - proveout
2 - Snowy - £750
20 - Adam/Babs -£250,000
10 - Guiliana - £5

Banker time

Banker's offer would've been:

Round 6 - proveout
22 - Dale - £10,000
21 - Chris - £3,000
3 - Wendy - £20,000

Banker time with 10p and £75,000 remaining...

The banker says again that he still thinks Zoe has the 10p, and would've said he wouldn't offer the swap.

Banker's offer:

Noel reiterates that no swap will be offered. Wendy says this is like betting on two horses that aren't favourites, and it's a big gamble. Zoe says she's a gambler, and she brings her fiancée down to the pound table.

Zoe says

She keeps the £18,000.10.

Noel opens Zoe's box 4 and reveals 10p

Box 5 with Paul contains the £75,000

Noel talks about the 10p theme that ran throughout the show, and how Zoe had it in her box!

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