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Friday, January 27, 2012

Leo's Deal or No Deal Game Report 27/01/12

Leo has box 20 today. Leo is from Wales, and is a customer service rep, and is also involved in break dancing, which is something he would love to be involved with on a full-time basis. Leo and Noel talk about how dance has become so popular over the past few years. Leo has some beads which have been blessed by a priest. We see a picture of Leo dancing, and he has his partner in the audience for support today. Noel asks her how they met, and she says that she sent him a picture on his phone, although she didn't like the first one he sent, so he sent another with his top off!

Round 1
Noel nearly forgets to do the housekeeping, but the Banker picks up on it and puts it to the vote if Noel should do the rest of the show from the car park or the studio, and he narrowly avoids the car park

Greg next and Leo thinks he looks like Gary Lineker

11 - £5,000 Greg
16 - £100,000 Jim
Leo is now going to try and use some numbers he was going to save, as they might change his luck
7 - £50,000 Lily
Newbie Imani next, and she says she is really excited about being on the show.
2 - £750 Newbie Imani
12 - £10 Casey

Banker time
You took a bit of a bashing there says Noel. The Banker has a pop at Noel about forgetting his housekeeping again, and says at least he remembered to answer the phone

Banker's offer:

Leo says that's not a bad offer as it is about a months wage for him.

Leo says

Noel says it has all been kicking off as one of the pilgrims was complaining that she only had one cheek on her chair as they are really packing them in the Dream Factory now. She tells Noel that she may complain to Channel 4, so Noel gets a chair from the wings for her. The Banker then calls and asks if she would like a cup of tea as well.

The Banker then asks Leo if he would like some music to show us his dance moves. Leo agrees and we get a demonstration of Leo performing his dance moves.

Round 2
1 - £250,000 Guliana
Wow, that is tough luck says Noel.
22 - 50p Robbie
8 - £10,000 Carland

Banker time
The Banker says that is why he loves this game, as if this had been a movie, after Leo's dance the next box would have been the 1p, but on this show it is the £250,000

Banker's offer:

Leo says

Round 3
15 - £50 Brian (opened by Wendy)
13 - £5 Alex
4 - £15,000 Gill

Banker time
This is very frightening now says Noel, as Leo just keeps finding the chunky money. The Banker says that sometimes this game can be so cruel, but he is loving it.

Banker's offer:

Leo says that is 3 months salary, and Noel points out it is tax-free as well. Leo gets positive support from the wings.

Leo says

Round 4
18 - £75,000 Stephen
This is the unluckiest game we've had for a while now says Noel. Imani gives a big positive speech to Leo.
19 - £35,000 Candice
Wow says Noel.
9 - £1 Wendy

Banker time
That is not an 8-box that many dream about says Noel. We hear the Banker having a party and dancing, he then asks Noel if he would like a cheesy nibble.

Banker's offer:

Leo says

Round 5
6 - £500 Jackie
Leo choses Rich with box 17, but at the last minute changes his mind
10 - £1,000 Irene
5 - £3,000 Gabbie

Banker time
It is now totally a 1-box game says Noel. Leo asks if we could start again, but the Banker calls and says No Deal.

Banker's offer:

Noel says that he is struggling to remember a worse game this year.

Leo says

Round 6
3 - 1p Helen
That is the best possible start says Noel.
21 - £20,000 Marios
I am so sorry says Noel, that is the worse end for a long, long time
17 - £250 Rich

Banker time with 10p and £100 remaining

The Banker says that he loves this game.

Banker's offer:

Leo says

The Banker calls and offers THE SWAP

Leo says

Noel opens Leo's box 20 and reveals £100

Box 14 with Cynthia contains the 10p

Leo says he has had an amazing experience, and Noel says that you never know someone might have spotted Leo's great talent for dancing and something might come of that.

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