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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Laurie's Deal or No Deal Game Report 12/01/12

Laurie has box 5 today. Laurie is a mobile hairdresser, and has her partner in the audience for support today. Laurie is 7 months pregnant, and Noel asks if there is a midwife in the audience today, and 2 people put their hands up. Laurie shows a picture of her neice.

Round 1
Lily first and Noel says she is known as Nana tractor
20 - £1 Lily
2 - £750 Belinda
12 - £250,000 Wendy
Noel says that you would have thought Wendy would have been the safest place to go as she had the £250,000 yesterday
21 - £10 Stef
Snowy next, and Noel says that he has a massive one, and Snowy says yes, he has a massive tongue, and then show us.
19 - 10p Snowy

Banker time
Noel wonders if they should now have a 10p lick to go along with the 1p kiss! The Banker says that he enjoyed Noel's speech at the start about players having freedom during their show, but it doesn't extend to the crew, and he noticed something at the start of the show, but one of the cameramen, Lee, got into shot by accident and thought that no one saw him when he tried to sneak out of the shot, but the Banker plays it back for everyone to see, he then orders the cameraman out of the studio!

Banker's offer:

Laurie says

Round 2
18 - £20,000 Chris
Noel picks up the spare camera and starts filming the next box opening.
6 - 50p Carland
Noel says that being a cameraman is lot more difficult than it looks, and asks for Lee to come back and take over.
16 - £50,000 Paul

Banker time
That is a little precarious now says Noel. The Banker says that Noel is better at camera work than he is at presenting

Banker's offer:

Laurie says

Round 3
4 - £5,000 Adam
That is all the damage you want to do now says Noel
8 - £50 Michael
9 - £500 Robbie

Banker time
This is looking very tasty now, and was a big swing in your favour says Noel.

Banker's offer:

Laurie goes to Jodi for some advice, and she thinks it is a great board with another round or 2 in it yet.

Laurie says

Round 4
14 - £100,000 Brian
11 - £250 Renee
1 - £15,000 Jodi

Banker time
It's such a shame that 1p is still there says Noel. The Banker says it is 2 each in the battle of the power 5 amounts.

Banker's offer:

Laurie says that is a good offer, and she really needs to be sensible now. Snowy says we are playing look for the 1p now, and if she finds it the offer will go up. Laurie talks about Shakeel's game, but Noel says that was relentless bad luck in that game.

Laurie says

Round 5
17 - £10,000 Guiliana
10 - £100 Newbie Irene
7 - £35,000 Rich

Banker time
That was painfull says Noel. The Banker says it is a very tricky board to face.

Banker's offer:

Laurie's partner says it is a good offer and she is just chasing one box now. The Banker calls and says that Laurie has had some good advice from Jodi, but would she like a bit of fun. He will allow Laurie to play on and open 1 box, if she misses the £75,000 he will give her an offer, but if she hits it then she has to play on the rest of the round as normal.

Laurie says

Round 6
13 - £1,000 Dale

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Noel runs through the previous offers. Laurie says she knows what she is going to do. Just as Noel is about to ask the question the Banker calls back and says he is happy to make the same offer again, and if Laurie plays on and misses the £75,000 she will get another offer. Laurie is ready, but the Banker calls again, and says that if Laurie plays on and finds the 1p, he will double the offer to £16,000. The Banker then says that if Laurie finds any of the blues the offer will now double to £16,000.

Laurie says

Round 6 - Proveout boxes
22 - 1p David
Oh no, you would have doubled it says Noel. The Banker calls to confirm that Laurie would have been offered £16,000
3 - £75,000 Bekki

Banker time with £5 and £3,000 remaining

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens Laurie's box 5 and reveals £5

Leo with box 15 contains the £3,000

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