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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

James' Deal or No Deal Game Report 10/01/12

James has box 3.

Noel says James is feeling rather tense. James is a manager of an estate agent, and we get to hear about how he proposed to his wife while they were walking along a beach. James shows a photo of his 2 children, and he gets a bit emotional as he's missing them so much.

Round 1
James talks about how he and Snowy got married on exactly the same date.
13 - Snowy - 10p
22 - Leo - £35,000
11 - newbie Robbie - £250
Noel says Robbie eats cheese with almost every meal, and he's frightened of sharks!
5 - Dale - £100
17 - Chris - 50p

Banker time
The banker says he's feeling robust.

Banker's offer:

Noel says the banker will want the box surveyed before he buys it.

James says

Round 2
Noel says James is a meticulous and tidy person, and Noel re-arranges things on the pound table for him.
2 - Margaret - £50,000
8 - Laurie - £750
4 - Bekki - £15,000

Banker time
The banker notices James announces the value of the box as each box is opened. He also notices that James keeps looking at the photo of his children, and he hasn't seen his own son for decades as he works for a charity! Noel says Margaret is about to become a great-great grandma and has loads of grandchildren.

Banker's offer:

James says that's a very good offer. He asks for advice, and Snowy says the board's not much different than it was at the last offer.

James says

Round 3
6 - Jodi - £10
Rich next and Noel reveals that he once trained a ferret, and Rich said he did it by putting cheese in his trousers! He says he's an animal trainer at a zoo, and trains lots of animals, including crows.
10 - Rich - £500
14 - Lily - £50

Banker time
The banker says he's pleased to see Rich here, as he used to have a pet crow called Cheryl.

Noel asks James how he'd feel about...

Then he asks about...

And then he asks about...

He then reveals the offer is actually...

Banker's offer:

The others offer James a bit of advice, and the banker rings and asks James what the names of his children are and how old they are! He wonders if he should write two cheques for each of James's children, and he says he can hear Mickey Mouse. He asks his sister in the audience, and she tells James to think about what his wife would say, and he says she'd tell him to deal.

The banker rings again and talks about his own son, and how he remembers that he always wanted to go to a theme park but he never took him, and he thinks that's what drove them apart.

James says

Round 4
Noel says James was good to resist the banker's taunts.
15 - Paul - £5
16 - Adam - 1p
Noel says the chances of taking the 3 blues out in this round are less than 1%.
18 - David - £1
James now has the first ever ALL-RED 8-box
Banker time

The banker admits the emotional blackmail he did has backfired on him! Noel says the banker can offer whatever he wants now.

Banker's offer:

James's sister says he knows he'd never forgive himself if he went on and wiped out the top values, and James talks about how much the money could do for him and his family. Wendy asks whether James would be happy with potentially only winning £1,000, and he should deal now if he's not. James says this is his one and only chance to be here, and Noel talks about how he wants to find the first male quarter-millionaire in 2012.

James says

Round 5
19 - RenĂ©e - £5,000
20 - Carland - £20,000
1 - Stef - £1,000

Banker time
The banker says this is the first time a male player has cried as much as he is crying!

Banker's offer:

James says that's an amazing offer, and he says he can destroy the game if he knocks out the big ones. Wendy says her nerves can't take any more! Rich says James could still end up winning a good red, even if he wiped out the top 3, and Noel says the top 3 have been wiped out before, but never at the climax of a game.

James says

Round 6 - proveout
21 - Belinda - £250,000
9 - Giuliana - £3,000
7 - Michael - £100,000

Banker time with £10,000 and £75,000 remaining...

Noel says that was almost perfection.

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens James's box 3 and reveals £10,000

The others come out to congratulate James.

Box 12 with Wendy contains the £75,000

Noel wonders if the Olympics is affecting the games this year, as they've been of Olympian standard so far!

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