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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Vera's Deal or No Deal Game Report 03/04/11

Noel welcomes us to the show and tells us how the contestants are wearing little badges of their mums to celebrate Mother's day. Noel reveals some stuff from the players files.

Vera has box 9. Vera Brookes from Barnsley, Noel tells us that one of Vera's dreams is to help pay her heating bills. Noel tells us how Vera is known as mad in her hometown of Barnsley. She talks about how she dresses up for Halloween and other occasions. Vera shows us her "frilly flag" which Noel struggles to say.

Noel shows us a picture of Vera with a big sausage - the bigger the better according to Vera.

Vera tells how her partner died at an early age of a brain hemorrhage. Noel shows us a photo of when Vera was crowned 'Mother of the year' from Barnsley.

Vera starts off with saying "It might large, it might be small, it may be be long, it may be tall, it may be red, it may be blue, but whatever's in the box has nowt' to do with you!" and says how she's using a football system based on Barnsley.

Box 2 - Anthony - £20,000
Box 22 - Tanya - £35,000
Box 21 - Shannon - £50
Box 3 - Ian - £100,000
Noel says how we had such a great week of opening rounds, but this one is horrible. Vera says she's saving box 7 and and 11.
Box 14 - Jim - £500

Banker time.
The Banker wishes all mothers a happy mothers day. The Banker says he liked Vera's poem and starts shouting down the phone.

Banker's offer:

Vera thought the offer would be lower.

Vera says

Noel tells us he can't get a word in edgeways. Vera wants to see the confetti. One of Vera's dream is to have her own goat. She tells us how she went to the Isle Of Wight to see a lonely goat called Basil. The Banker rings up to show us a picture of Vera and the goat as proof.

Noel gets confused and forgets what stage we're at in the game. Noel threatens to reveal a secret Vera told him during the break.

Round 2
Box 15 - Jack - £250
Vera gets confused and calls Becky, Bev.
Box 5 - Becky - 50p
Box 13 - Gordon - £3,000

Banker time...
Noel still threatens to reveal Vera's secret. The Banker wants to know and says he hates being kept in the dark.

Banker's offer:

Vera exclaims "oh my God!" at the offer. Vera's daughter speaks up and tells her not to get carried away, The Banker then rings up and says he's loved every minute of this show so far, but on this mother's day he loved when Vera said "oh god, I forgot she [daughter] was here.

Vera says

Box 10 - Sophie - £10,000
Box 8 - Bev - £250,000
Noel reminds us how everyone at Barnsley football club calls Vera "mad" and he will tells about her frilly flag.
Box 18 - *Newbie* Sarah - £750

Banker time.
The Banker loves how the mummy delivered the £250,000 on Mother's day. Noel says this will be a disappointing offer due to the loss of the £250,000.

Banker's offer:

Vera says

Box 20 - Dave - £5,000
Box 6 - Will - £75,000
Noel wonders why the bad luck always happens to popular players. Vera is scared to pick her next box.
Box 17 - Abiola - 1p

Banker time.
The Banker now knows why Vera has a frilly bit on her flag and only the observant will notice why...

Banker's offer:

Vera says £3,000 would mean "the world" to her. She gets some advice from the wings and daughter Karen. Vera wants to go on and risk it.

Vera says

Box 1 - Hilde - £10,000
Hilde is so sorry for revealing £10,000.
Box 4 - Helen - £1
Vera starts waving her flag around and Noel says it's not very lucky.
Box 16 - Tara - £50,000

Banker time.
Noel says that Vera has £15,000 left and "diddly-peanuts" now. The Banker says he loves it when people's hopes are crushed in a game. He would have offered £7,500, but now...

Banker's offer:

Vera's daughter Karen comes down and the Banker rings up and says "I forgot she was here" and he has a proposition for Vera - she can go on one box at a time - if she reveals the secret to her flag.

Vera says

Vera agrees to reveal the secret. Vera reveals the reason it has black lace on the top is so she doesn't wear it upside down.

We now proceed one box at a time.

Round 6 - Box 1
Box 12 - Paul - £15,000

Banker time.

Banker's offer:

Vera says

Round 6 - Box 2
Box 19 - Hugo - £5

Banker time.

Banker's offer:

Vera says

Round 6 - Box 3
Box 11 - Ziggy - 10p

Banker time with £10 and £100 remaining.

Banker's offer:

Vera says

Noel says he wishes he could influence the game and loved how Vera came with ambitions of just being able to pay her heating bill.

The Banker then rings up and has another proposition.

If there's £10 in Vera's box she'll go away with nothing, but if there's £100 in the box he'll add £1,000 to it.

Vera DEALS "The Banker's Proposal"

That means if she has £10 in her box she will win nothing, but if it's £100 he'll add £1,000 to it.

Noel opens Vera's box and reveals £10

Vera goes home with nothing and becomes the 8th person to win nothing at all.

Box 7 with Natalie has £100.

Vera says she's enjoyed every moment of DoND and she's loved Noel for over 40 years.

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