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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sophie's Deal or No Deal Game Report 10/04/11

Sophie has box 15 today. Sophie is a student teacher from Dudley, she says she didn't know what to do when she left school, but did a few placement days with her sister and decided she wanted to get into teaching. We get to see a few of her pictures, one is of her group of friends, and one of her friends is in the audience for support today. Another is of her sister and her nan, her sister has also drawn her a picture, and at the bottom she wrote 'Norm' as she said Sophie would be meeting Norm, as she thought was Noel's name

Round 1
Sophie does a bogey check of the wings before she starts!! Noel asks what she will do if she actually finds one!
11 - £20,000 Tanya
Sophie says number 9 and 7 mean something to her as they keep cropping up in her life.
10 - £1,000 Abiola
3 - £50 Jim
18 - 10p Tara
4 - £10 Al

Banker time
What do you think of that asks Noel, and Sophie says she is loving that. The Banker says that bogey thing really put him off his pea soup lunch! The Banker thinks that Sophie is superstitious and box 22 might be her bogey box!

Banker's offer:

Sophie says

Noel says the only thing that Sophie has ever won was a box of biscuits, but when she went to collect them she dropped the box! Sophie looks for the 1p as she wants a kiss, and Noel embarrasses her by asking if she is looking for love

Round 2
12 - £50,000 Ziggy
6 - £5 Hilde
5 - 1p Shannon

Banker time
That was good says Noel. The Banker says there was very good hair-age in that kiss!

Banker's offer:

Sophie asks if Becky was offered £12,000, and everyone confirms she was, and she says that Becky should have went at that offer.

Sophie says

Round 3
1 - £750 Sarah
Sophie says she wants to get rid of the death box now.
22 - £1 Hugo
This is really, really good says Noel, what a great board
21 - £100,000 Bev

Banker time
That was good timing says the Banker, as she took so many low blues at the start.

Banker's offer:

Noel asks what Sophie would do with £9,000, and she replies that she would treat her mum and sister to a holiday.

Sophie says

Round 4
8 - £100 Roy
16 - 50p Andrea
Wow says Noel, we like that very much indeed, and this could be the most amazing 8-box.
2 - £10,000 Gordon

Banker time
Cor! Look at that ladder you have there says Noel. The Banker has heard Sophie say that as long as the big one is on the board she would play on. Sophie thinks the offer will be £15,000

Banker's offer:

That is so much money says Sophie, and she could never save that amount of money. Her mum says she has a really good board, but that is also real money. Sophie talks about saying she would always play on with the big one there. Anthony tells her this is a tough one. Gordon gives Sophie some stats on the odds of taking the top amounts and also hitting the lower amounts.

Sophie says

Noel says this is an amazing situation, and she has got the Banker's attention by saying she would play on while the £250,000 is still there.

Round 5
2 - £500 Anthony
You are just nearly there says Noel.
19 - £75,000 Debs
This is a huge decision now says Noel
14 - £250 Ian

Banker time
Noel says the obvious comment is that you can't go home with less than £3,000. Noel reminds Sophie that she did strip £75,000 out of the round and that could affect the offer. The Banker says that he has to consider that Sophie turned down £22,000, that She would play on as long as the £250,000 was in play, and also that she doesn't know her limits. He makes up his mind on the offer, but he is going to tell Sophie's mum what it is first! He speaks to Sophie's mum and tells her the offer.

Banker's offer:

Wow, all those things he has had to consider has made a good cocktail says Noel. He goes onto to say that is one of the biggest live play offers this year. Anthony tells her that is a lot of money, but they have always talked about everyone has to make a big decision in their games, and this is it. Sophie talks about being young and not having any debts, so is in a good position in her life. Dave says that if he was sat there in his position he would bite off the Banker's hand, but he is in a different position to Sophie, so she has to make her own mind up here. The Banker calls back and says this the last thing he is going to say and then Noel has to ask the question. 'Sophie know your limits'

Sophie says

Round 6 - Proveout round
Sophie says she so wanted to play on. Noel says have you ever seen someone so stressed to have won £46,000
13 - £3,000 Dave
20 - £15,000 Newbi Gillian
9 - £250,000 Helen

Banker time with £5,000 and £35,000 remaining

You are extraordinary says Noel, as she said so little on the wings, but she has given us one the most magical games ever.

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens Sophie's box 15 and reveals £35,000

Box 7 with Dougie contains the £5,000

Noel asks what Deal has done for Sophie, and she says that apart from £46,000 it has made her so confident and given her a fantastic start in life

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