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Friday, April 15, 2011

Hilde's Deal or No Deal Game Report 15/04/11

Hilde has box 8. Hilde is originally from Prussia, but now lives in Birmingham. Noel says she grew up in Germany during WW2, and she says her youth was great as politics didn't affect her, until she reached the age of 14 and was called up. She says in 1945 as things were coming to an end, the Red Cross rescued her, and her mother unexpectedly met her off the train, even though she didn't know she'd be on it.

Hilde has a pocket watch with her which belonged to her father when he was a prisoner of war, and she says it was her only inheritance from him, and she wouldn't sell it for anything! We get to see some photos of her father and her husband, and also her late daughter. She has her other daughter with her and she's in the audience today. Hilde says being on DoND is the cream on the cake in her life, and she thanks Ken who she has with her today, as he thought the show was rubbish but encouraged her to go on the show!

Noel says he's got a difficult challenge, as Hilde has just been talking about the experiences of her 85 years alive, and now he just has to do a gameshow! She tells him not to say that as he brings pleasure to so many people!

Round 1
Hilde says of course she's ready to start!
7 - Helen - 50p
4 - Al - £20,000
Hilde says 13 is her lucky number.
13 - Fi - £50,000
11 - Anthony - £100
Noel asks about Hilde's system and she says she'll tell us in a bit!
1 - Michael - £10

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Hilde talks about how she met Ken in the Co-Op, and she talks about the dancing they do together and how they have the same interests in opera and ballet.

Hilde says

Round 2
Noel tells the boxes to behave, and Hilde says her life would carry on even if she didn't win much. Hilde says she needs money to buy Ken a £200 bottle of champagne!
16 - Roy - £100,000
6 - Debs - £250,000
Hilde says she's only told us part of her life story, and she doesn't want to think about some of it as it's in the past. Noel says only 2 other people have taken out the top 3 in one round, and Hilde says if that happens, then it does.
17 - Abiola - £15,000

Banker time
Noel says that was bad, but Hilde says she's seen rounds like that before. The banker says everyone loves Hilde, including him.

Banker's offer:

Hilde says

Round 3
Noel reckons Hilde will win a fortune if the boxes are kind, as she wants to keep going.
10 - Gillian - £75,000
Hilde says that's life, and it was meant to happen. Noel asks if Hilde can believe she's lost the top 3, and she says she knows as she can see the board.
21 - Hugo - 1p
Noel asks Ken for permission for the 1p kiss to go ahead. Ken gives a thumbs up for the 1p kiss, so Hugo gives Hilde one!
5 - Tanya - £10,000

Banker time
Hilde talks to Noel about money, and says she doesn't have much and has got used to having much! She says her life will carry on even if she doesn't win much, and the banker says he loves her, so Hilde asks him for more money.

Banker's offer:

Hilde says

Round 4
Hilde says she wants to take Tara home, as she wants to dress her and buy her some new jeans!
18 - Tara - £50
2 - Sarah - 10p
12 - Andrea - £35,000

Banker time
Hilde talks about her family and that they're more important to her than any money she wins today, and she says she's not sure she wants any of the banker's cash! The banker says Hilde is his favourite ever player!

Banker's offer:

Hilde says

Round 5
Newbie Harry next, and Noel asks Hilde what she thinks of his hair, and she says she's seen worse.
14 - newbie Harry - £5
19 - Jim - £500
Hilde talks about how some chicken upset Jim's stomach which is why he was ill, so she gives advice about where to buy chickens.
3 - Gordon - £1,000

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Hilde says

Round 6
9 - Ziggy - £5,000
"There you go" says Hilde, and she says she'll have to buy the champagne out of her pension!
20 - Dougie - £750
15 - Iain - £3,000

Banker time with £1 and £250 remaining...

Noel says that's now 3 heart-breaking games in a row, and the banker says good things come in 3s.

Banker's offer:

Hilde says

Hilde sees herself on the gameboard as Noel's about to open her box, and she says she doesn't look too bad.

Hilde wins £1 from her box 8.

Box 22 with Abbey contains the £250

The banker rings back and Noel hangs up on him so Hilde can speak! Hilde thanks everyone and wishes everyone good luck and happiness, and says her family is worth more to her than anything, to which she gets a standing ovation.

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