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Monday, April 11, 2011

Ian's Deal or No Deal Game Report 11/04/11

Ian has box 12 today.

Ian is a bit stunned to be playing, and Noel says he has been dubbed by the Banker as the shows most boring player. Ian is an engineer and the Banker phones and says he is boring!! Noel introduces Ian's wife and asks where they met, and it was at a nightclub, so Noel asks if she was drunk!! We get to see some of Ian's pictures, and one is of a racehorse and Ian says he would love to own a racehorse as he loves racing. We see another of Ian at his graduation day with his mum and dad.

Round 1
Ian has some numbers that he wants to keep to the end.
2 - £5 Debs
Roy next who is a retired bailiff, and that gets some boos!
7 - £50 Roy
21 - £500 Al
6 - £250 Dave
18 - £75,000 Helen

Banker time
Well that was a shame says Noel, but look at the rest of it. The Banker takes a while to call, and Noel wonders if he has nodded off as Ian is so boring! Noel starts making smalltalk with Ian, and then hopes that the Banker's butler will wake him up. Just then Noel's other phone rings, so Noel runs to answer it and it is Pennyworth, who tells Noel that the Banker is so bored he has gone to the movies! Pennyworth then makes the offer!

Banker's offer:

Noel wonders if the money would be guaranteed as the Banker didn't actually make the offer, so Ian might be better to play on!

Ian says

Round 2
Ian says he is keeping box 9.
1 - £250,000 Bev
Bev says it should have been her game today.
20 - £35,000 Andrea
22 - £100 Gordon

Banker time
That was a horrible round says Noel. Pennyworth says that Ian is a delightful man with a beautiful wife. Noel tries to do Pennyworth's accent, and he is from Scotland. Pennyworth says that Anthony is a great reader of the board and asks for his guidance on the next offer, Anthony thinks it should be around £100,000! Pennyworth says he will go along with Anthony's offer!! The Banker then rings back and says the film wasn't that good!

Banker's offer:

Ian says that is a fantastic offer.

Ian says

Round 3
Ian is keeping 4 and 14 as well.
17 - £20,000 Jim
16 - £15,000 Tara
Oh Ian shouts Noel, after a good start this is going horribly wrong.
5 - £750 Sarah

Banker time
You need that big time says Noel, he thinks the board looks odd as well. The Banker thinks that Ian has been a great sport while on the wings.

Banker's offer:

Ian says that is an incredible offer for the board. He would use the money to treat the family, and also travel a bit more. Ian says that he thinks he can get a bit more than £9,000 though.

Ian says

Round 4
Ian is now keeping box 13 as well, as it is the number of the horse in his photo.
3 - £10 Tanya
19 - 1p Dougie
11 - £100,000 Ziggy

Banker time
That is really cruel luck says Noel as it felt that was starting to turn around. The Banker says that last box was sweet, and it was brave of Ian to turn down the last offer

Banker's offer:

Ian's wife says that is a lot of money, but there is still some good money on the board. Anthony agrees that there is still some good money on the board and he would have offered a bit more. The Banker calls and asks what is a fair offer, and Anthony thinks it should be around £7,500.

Banker's offer:

Anthony says that is a good offer now and he really should consider this now.

The Banker calls back and changes the offer again!

Banker's offer:

Ian says

Noel thinks that Ian is an OHO and is here to make a big difference in his life, but Ian hasn't said that yet.

Round 5
10 - £50,000 Shannon
Horrendous says Ian. Oh crumbs says Noel.
8 - 50p Newbie Abbey
15 - £10,000 Abiola

Banker time
That is horrible says Noel, and he congratulates Ian for the way he is taking this. The Banker says he couldn't have been more wrong about Ian being so dull, and he is a lot braver than he could ever be.

Banker's offer:

Ian says

Round 6
9 - £1 Anthony
It would be great to do the perfect round now says Noel.
4 - 10p Hugo
This is just fantastic says Noel.
14 - £1,000 Gillian

Banker time with £3,000 and £5,000 remaining

You've got to be pleased with that says Noel.

Banker's offer:

Ian says that £3,000 is a great sweetener, but he is going to open his box, although he asks if he can have a swap. The Banker calls and asks Anthony if he would offer the swap, and Anthony says he would, so the Banker agrees to a swap.

Ian says

The banker phones and asks what Anthony thinks about a swap, and he says he'd offer it, so the banker does.

Ian says

Noel swaps Ian's box 12 for box 13

Noel opens box 13 and reveals £5,000

Hilde with box 12 contains the £3,000

Noel says we had a game the other day where a photo with a telephone box influenced the whole game, and today Ian turns up with a photo of a horse with the number 13 on and again it plays a major part in the game.

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