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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Anthony's Deal or No Deal Game Report 26/04/11

Anthony has box 17. Anthony works for a beverage company and has his wife in the audience today. He says he loves his job as he drives around and meets lots of people, and gets to spend lots of time with his family. He shows a pic of his young sons playing football, and he has a war badge with him which belonged to his wife's great grandfather, and a bullet hit him but the badge stopped it doing any harm to his body!

Round 1
Anthony gets everyone to do a Mexican wave as a warm-up. He has a system but isn't revealing what it is just yet.
16 - Fi - £35,000
21 - Suzanne - 50p
Noel reckons Anthony is starting with the Irish players first.
19 - Roy - £100,000
1 - Michael - £1
Michael says Anthony's jumper looks like the wallpaper in a mental home! Noel says Michael's just offended loads of people, so he chucks him out of the studio.
22 - Toby - £15,000

Banker time
The banker commends Noel for chucking Michael out of the studio, and we get to see a shot of Michael freezing outside!

Banker's offer:

Anthony says

Round 2
Noel says Anthony wants to build an extension on their house, and he also owes his wife a car, as he sold her car and replaced it with a cheaper and older model! Noel also reminds everyone that Anthony gave his wife a handbag as a gift, and he'd won it as a prize. The banker rings and says Anthony has a cruel streak and would make a good banker.
3 - Gillian - £50
Noel realises Anthony has gone along the west wing, and has skipped Ron and Ziggy.
8 - Elaine - £20,000
Elaine talks about a sock, and the banker calls and tells Noel what he thinks is happening, and Noel writes his thoughts in the book.
18 - Abbey - 1p
Abbey talks about bacon, and Noel says the banker's right.

Banker time
The banker makes fun of how unsubtle Elaine was with mentioning a sock!

Banker's offer:

Noel says the banker reckons everyone's got pre-planned words that they have to say, and Anthony says they're just offering support! The banker rings and gets Michael to come back in, and says what an unusually cold April it is! He says Michael has to go back outside, unless he tells everyone why he spoke about wallpaper when he opened his box. Michael doesn't say, so he leaves again.

Michael says

Round 3
13 - Becks - £250,000
10 - Wilf - £5
Noel says he can't work out Anthony's system and the random words that keep being mentioned.
20 - Sarah - £10,000
Sarah mentions a pillow!

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Anthony says he'd like to take his kids to Disneyland.

Anthony says

Round 4
15 - Kerry - 10p
11 - newbie Lucy - £750
Noel says Lucy's very bossy.
2 - Iain - £75,000

Banker time
The banker says that round stunk.

Banker's offer:

Anthony asks for advice from his wife.

Anthony says

Round 5
5 - Harry - £500
Anthony says his system has been to miss out some numbers as he wants to keep them.
7 - Ron - £1,000
Ron comes out with a fact about buzzards!
4 - Debs - £100

Banker time
The banker asks if anyone remembers Michael, and we get to see him shivering outside. He says Anthony can have an offer after the next box, but not after every box, but Michael must stay outside in that scenario. Otherwise he can go forward 3 boxes as normal, and Michael can return.

Noel asks "Michael or No Michael" and Anthony says "No Michael"!

The banker rings and confirms Anthony will get an offer after the next box.

Banker's offer:

Anthony runs through what might happen in the next box and how it could affect the next offer. The others say he's lucky to get the extra offer.

Anthony says

Round 6 - part 1
9 - Sue - £5,000

Banker time

Banker's offer:

The banker offers Anthony the chance to go on just one more box again. However he has to throw his wife out the studio too!

Anthony's wife says the £50k could go in the next box, and that they could still do a lot if they won £3,000.

Noel asks "wife or no wife" and Anthony says "no wife"! He chucks her out of the studio and will now get an offer after the next box.

Anthony says

Round 6 - part 2
12 - Al - £250

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Anthony wonders what the offer would be if he kept the £50k in, and the banker rings and says it'd be £20k. The others ask Anthony what he'd regret more, and he says he'd regret winning a blue more, but he's only there once.

Anthony says

Round 6 - part 3, proveout
6 - Ziggy - £50,000

Banker time with £10 and 3,000 remaining

Noel says that makes it a banker spanking.

Banker's offer would've been:

Box 17 with Anthony contains £3,000

Box 14 with Andrea contains £10

Anthony talks about everything he can do with the money.

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