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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bev's Deal or No Deal Game Report 13/04/11

Bev has box 10 today. Bev is from Ramsbottom, and Bev corrects Noel by saying it is Upper Ramsbottom! Bev is a cafe owner, and she explains how she got into it, she was originally a hairdresser, then did some office work but was made redundant, then saw the cafe for sale and really fancied getting into the business. We get to see some of Bev's pictures, and one is of her on her wedding day, her husband is in the audience for support today. Another picture is of them at John 'O Groats, and another is of her 3 sons. Noel asks her about the wallpaper and decoration in the photo of her 3 sons!

Round 1
Ziggy first and Noel asks him for an interesting fact, and he tells Noel that 8 out of 10 lipsticks contain fish scales!
11 - £15,000 Ziggy
15 - £5 Tanya
18 - £1,000 Abbey
Iain next, and Bev thinks he looks like a postman today.
2 - £250 Iain
8 - £75,000 Sarah

Banker time
The Banker says that Bev is a horrible woman and everyone hates her! She is the most unpopular contestant of all time, showing off about her husband and her wallpaper!

Banker's offer:

Noel starts writing a list out for the break and asks Bev if she does carrot cake in her cafe.

Bev says

Round 2
Bev is going to keep box 3 as her son picked that for her.
14 - £750 Andrea
Gordon next, and Bev says that he actually beats Noel for shoes, so Noel compares shoes with Gordon.
17 - £5,000 Dougie
16 - £10 Gordon

Banker time
The Banker says that he will give Bev Noel's shoes when she wins the 1p!

Banker's offer:

Ohhhh says Bev. She says she has always wanted to go on a cruise, as she used to love the TV programme Love boat, and that has always been her dream to go on a cruise.

Bev says

Round 3
19 - £10,000 Al
4 - £250,000 Helen
13 - £100 Tara

Banker time
Noel thinks the Banker will drop the offer now. The Banker says he feels so sorry for Bev as she has put so much effort into coming on the show, leaving her cafe, and also stealing Sharon Osbourne's wig!

Banker's offer:

Bev asks if she is allowed to say that is a rubbish offer, but Noel warns her that it sometimes winds the Banker up! Bev tells Noel that is a really good offer then!

Bev says

Round 4
9 - £50,000 Dave
21 - £50 Hugo
1 - 50p Abiola

Banker time
That helped says Noel.

Banker's offer:

Noel turns to Bev's husband who says that is good money. Bev says she needs a new sofa as she has had it for over 25 years. Bev goes to Anthony who says that if Bev plays on and takes the top 2 amounts out the offer will be about the same, but she does have a couple of good back up amounts to the £100,000.

Bev says

Round 5
20 - 10p Hilde
5 - £35,000 Anthony
22 - £100,000 Jim

Banker time
What a round says Noel, totally opposite to what we wanted. The Banker says you have got to love that death box.

Banker's offer:

Bev says she really, really thought she was going to win one of the big amounts as she really wanted some money for her sons.

Bev says

Round 6
12 - £3,000 Roy
Bev says she is not going home with a blue
6 - £500 Debs
This has to be the 1p says Noel
7 - £20,000 Newbie Michael

Banker time with 1p and £1 remaining

I am so sorry says Noel. Hilde tells Bev that she has her lovely husband and family, she has the best thing in life. The Banker says that Bev is going home with a blue, and Bev talks about being in the 1p club

Banker's offer:

Bev says

The Banker calls and offers the SWAP

Banker's offer:

Bev says
Noel swaps Bev's box 10 for box 3

Noel opens box 3 and reveals 1p

Box 10 with Gillian contains the £1

Bev becomes the 36th member of the 1p club.

The Banker calls and says that she has made him the happiest man in the world, as it has cost him just 1p, but it has cost Noel a pair of shoes

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