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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Abiola's Deal or No Deal Game Report 21/04/11

Abiola has box 13. Abiola is from south-east London, Plumstead. The Banker rings up and says he's happy we're all having fun, but could Abiola move her stuffed donkey off the box. Noel shows a picture of Abiola in Egypt scuba diving. Next a picture of Abiola's wedding day from two years ago to Michael. Abiola says she's the loud one and her husband Michael is the quiet sensible.

Abiola explains the reason she brought a stuffed donkey along is it's a symbol of her husband's love.

Round 1
10 - Gillian - 50p
Abiola asks if Noel's laughing at her, he says no he just loves her earrings. He then asks Harry what's going on with his hair.
4 - Harry - £100,000
Abiola has a feeling she'll "trash" her board in the first round.
3 - Sue -1p
Noel asks Abiola if she can tune in her earrings to find the 10p.
2 - Anthony - £20,000
Abiola just fell onto the floor after stumbling.
19 - Roy - £5,000

Banker time.
Noel says it's very exciting in the Dream Factory today. The Banker says he's here to pull Abiola's strings.

Banker's offer:

Abiola wonders what she could do with £6,000, Noel asks how much it costs to scuba dive.

Abiola says

Round 2
Noel asks if Iain's enjoying himself.
5 - Iain - £50
Noel asks Al how's his kitchen is going as that's the only reason he's here.
11 - Sarah - 10p
9 - Abbey - £500

Banker time
The banker says he's been married six times and he's never had a wife compare him to a donkey. He then says pride comes before a fall.

Banker's offer:

Abiola says

Round 3
1 - Suzanne - £3,000
21 - Gordon - £5
Abiola asks what Noel writes in his book on the pound table. Noel says he's decided to start writing his memoirs in the book.
17 - Debs -£75,000

Banker time
The Banker says it's like being back at school. He says Abiola has take a lot from the left-hand side, but also just hit the £75,000.

Banker's offer:

The Banker thanks Abiola for the respect to his money compared to the pilgrims who he describes as ugly and his increased has offer to

Banker's offer:

Abiola says

Round 4
18 - Andrea - £1
6 - Ziggy - £10
Ziggy comes round and gives Abiola a hug. Noel says Abiola has every reason to look happy as it has been the perfect round so far.
12 - Tanya - £250,000

Banker time
Anthony starts to blame Noel for Abiola losing the £250,000.

Banker's offer:

Noel goes through Abiola's previous offers.

Abiola says

Round 5
Abiola says she'd like to emigrate to America. Noel says we can afford to lose £10,000 downwards.
7 - Wilf - £50,000
14 - Michael - £15,000
Abiola thinks it's going to turn into one of those games.
15 - Dougie - £1,000

Banker time
The Banker noticed how quick Abiola no dealt the previous offer and points out that some people are tempted to chase the money to the end after a good start.

Banker's offer:

Abiola asks for some advice and there is a mixture of responses. Ziggy points out that £4,000 is a good offer at this stage.

Abiola says

Round 6
Abiola is going to leave box 8 to the end.
16 - Al - £250
22 - Kerry - £10,000
Noel points out it all rests on this final box.
20 - Fi - £100

Banker time
Noel says we can start to believe that £35,000 could be on the table. Turning down £4,000 was the right to do and the Banker congratulates Abiola.

Banker's offer:

Abiola says she is such a chicken and never thought she'd get to this stage in live play. Gordon reckons the risk is to much to take now.

Abiola says

Abiola has £35,000 in box 13.

The newbie - Toby - had £750 in box 8.

Abiola is happy with her win and will go to Australia next year. Noel finishes by saying that the Banker always rewards a brave gamble at a tricky situation.

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