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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Paul's Deal or No Deal Game Report 05/04/11

Paul has box 7 today.

Paul is described as extremely competitive, and won't even let his 2 children beat him up the stairs! We get to see a picture of his 2 daughters, Honey and Poppy, and Noel says they will kill him later in life for those names!! We also see a picture of Paul's late dad who was a huge fan of the show, and after he passed away 2 years ago Paul decided to make the most of life and applied for the show. We also see a picture of Paul in his band which he helped set up, again this is another part of Paul making the most of his life now.

Round 1
Paul is keeping box 3 to the end, and also box 13.
14 - £35,000 Jack
16 - £75,000 Dougie
Paul says he has to win enough to buy a goat. He says when he asked his daughter what she would like if he wins some money, and she replied a goat. Noel says that perhaps she was kidding
6 - 1p Gordon
15 - £250 Abiola
12 - £100 Becky

Banker time
Paul shouts out 'I am on Deal or No Deal', as he still can't believe it. The Banker says the photo of Paul's 2 daughter's is really sweet, although their names make him want a bagel!

Banker's offer:

Paul says

Round 2
Noel gives a demo of how excited Paul got when his coffee in a DoND mug was brought out!
8 - £5,000 Tara
19 - £50 Dave
21 - £250,000 Helen

Banker time
The Banker talks about the highs and lows of being a DoND contestant, as Helen had the 1p yesterday, but the £250,000 today.

Banker's offer:

Paul says

Round 3
10 - £1 Jim (Box opened by Natalie)
5 - £1,000 Ian
9 - £100,000 Ziggy

Banker time
That is a horrible blow says Noel. The Banker says how delicious it is when the big numbers wait until the final box of the round.

Banker's offer:

Paul says

Round 4
Bev the mummy next, and Noel asks her who causes the most trouble, and Bev thinks it is her
17 - 10p Bev
11 - £750 Hugo
1 - £50,000 Tanya

Banker time
How spooky is that, that is so Deal or No Deal says Noel, that is so incredibly unlucky. The Banker agrees that is amazing, says that Paul will have to go all the way now.

Banker's offer:

The Banker believes he has no risk now. Paul talks about the £3,000 still being a great sum of money if he plays on and takes the top 3 out in the next round.

Paul says

Round 5
22 - £3,000 Natalie
2 - £500 Sophie
Noel asks if Paul can change the pattern of his game, as if he can't this next box is £20,000....
18 - £5 Shannon

Banker time
Oh Shannon, you let me down says the Banker. He says it is a very different board now.

Banker's offer:

Paul says that is a lot of money, and there are so many reasons why he is on the show. He talks about the little bit of debt he has, and also how his wife would love to set up a gallery, and a nice win can give them the start they would need. Paul goes to Hugo and Anthony for some advice, they both tell him with the board he has there is very little risk in playing on and not walking away with as much money as he is being offered now.

Paul says

Round 6
4 - 50p Anthony
20 - £15,000 Sarah
That doesn't help at all says Noel.
13 - £10,000 Newbie Andrea

Banker time with £10 and £20,000 remaining

Wow, what a decision you will have now says Noel. The Banker says this is very interesting.

Banker's offer:

That is such a great and clever offer says Noel. Noel does a quick sweep of the wings, but it is very mixed. Paul says it is a really good offer, but you are only here once.

Paul says

Noel says Paul is in a very rare group of players who stick to their word of going all the way and playing the game.

Noel does a big build up to opening the box and then the Banker calls. He talks about how Paul's daughter picked the number 3, and asks if Paul doesn't swap his box how will he answer Poppy when she asks why he didn't trust her!

Banker's offer:

Paul says

Noel opens Paul's box 7 and reveals £20,000

All the contestants run out to congratulate Paul

Box 3 with Hilde contains the £10

Paul thanks everyone for an amazing time, and says that £20,000 is life-changing for him.

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