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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Becky's Deal or No Deal Game Report 06/04/11

Noel talks about the school of thought that what happens in the Dream Factory mirrors life on the outside, he talks about Vera on Sunday who only wanted to win enough to pay her heating bill for a year, but she ended up going home with nothing, but all the contestants then had a whip around for her. He then talks about Paul's game where there was so much emotion in his game and the modest £20,000 will really change his life.

Becky has box 8 today. Becky is from Dudley, and described herself in her audition as loud and gay. She works for the Citizen's advice, and Noel says she must be really busy at the moment in the current financial situation, and she says she is. We get to see a few of Becky's photos, one of her partner, another of her friend who is in the audience for support, and another of her mum.

Round 1
13 - £3,000 Newbie Al
11 - £10 Hilde
9 - £50 Anthony
18 - £250,000 Shannon
15 - £1,000 Jack

Banker time
The Banker says that Shannon has redeemed herself, she is beautiful and very cost effective.

Banker's offer:

Becky says that is a good offer and that money would really sort her out, as she could do with a new car as her air freshener and clock work in her current one. She would also like a new TV for her mum.

Becky says

Noel talks about the huge shopping list that Becky has. Becky asks if anyone has a vibe or feeling about their box.

Round 2
10 - 50p Hugo
19 - £250 Jim (Opened by Shannon)
Becky says she has a nice red block.
21 - £100 Tara

Banker time
This is good says Noel, and it is advantage Becky now. The Banker says that boards with a solid block are dangerous as the offers can't collapse.

Banker's offer:

Becky's friend says that she came on the show with a figure in her head, and things are going her way at the moment, and there is another round there. Becky talks about no one going at the second offer, but that money could do a lot for her.

Becky says

Round 3
1 - £35,000 Abiola
4 - 10p Ziggy
Noel says there is one thing that hasn't been mentioned, and that is that Becky is very spontaneous, and once booked a holiday to Vegas and was there 24 hours later.
3 - £100,000 Dave

Banker time
That was a rotten round says Noel, and he asks Becky what they are going to do. The Banker says that this is like yesterday with the sting in the tail.

Banker's offer:

Becky says that internally she is crumbled. Becky goes to Gordon who says that offer doesn't fit the board.

Becky says

Round 4
16 - 1p Tanya
17 - £750 Bev
14 - £10,000 Ian

Banker time
The Banker has latched onto the fact that Becky said she was a naturally cautious player

Banker's offer:

Becky gets advice from the wings, Bev tells her she is very strong and everyone is behind whatever decision she makes now. Becky asks everyone if she should deal now, and no one puts up their hands. Becky's friend tells her to no deal, as she can get a better offer than that. The Banker calls and tells her not to be swayed by these fools, and he can see her mum sat at home watching Deal or No Deal on her brand new TV in HD!

Becky says

Round 5
7 - £5,000 Dougie
Becky picks box 12 next, but remembers that is one of her friends box.
12 - £50,000 Sarah
22 - £75,000 Gordon

Banker time
That was 1 box away from the round from hell says Noel, he goes on to say that Paul won £20,000 yesterday and the £20,000 is still on the board.

Banker's offer:

Becky says

Round 6
5 - £5 Andrea
6 - £1 Natalie
Becky asks her friend to join her at the pound table.
20 - £20,000 Sophie

Banker time with £500 and £15,000 remaining

Noel says that Becky's friends 3 lucky numbers could have all had the reds. The Banker says he might not offer the swap today.

Banker's offer:

Becky goes to the wings, and Bev says that Becky told her she wanted to go home with £15,000 and that is still on the board. Becky says she can't afford to turn down the offer, but how would she feel if she had the £15,000 in her box. The Banker calls and says he will throw something into the mix and will offer Becky the swap. He says he can now see Becky's mum watching Deal or No Deal in 3D on a 60" plasma TV saying Becky is the best daughter in the world. Becky's friend asks if she would swap if she played on, and Becky thinks she would swap as her friend's numbers have all had reds in.

Becky says

Noel asks Becky if she would have swapped, and Becky says she would have, so Noel does the hypo swap.

Becky now has box 2 which contains £15,000

Your destiny was to have £15,000 says Noel

Helen with box 8 contains the £500

Becky says she feels gutted, but she does have £3,500

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