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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mary's Deal or No Deal Game Report 23/09/10

Noel talks about every game and show being different, and talks about Ian's game which was different, and mentions the game with person who used a chinese take-away menu to choose their numbers!

Mary has box 21 today. Mary is a retired nurse from Sunderland. Noel says that they had to send a trunk in advance of Mary arriving for her jewels and they are now stored in the Banker's vault We get to see some of Mary's family photos. Mary has he husband in the audience, and it is his birthday today, although he gets confused with transmission dates and says it is not his birthday today, but it is his son's birthday

Round 1
5 - £75,000 Paul
2 - £50,000 Ashlea
Oh, come on says Noel
16 - £250 Angela
Lois next, but Mary calls her Lewis!
8 - £250,000 Lois
Oh what an opening round says Noel
14 - £1,000 Robbie

Banker time
That looks awful says Noel, but Mary chooses Martin as her next box and Noel has to stop her playing on! The Banker says he loves Mary after that round

Banker's offer:

Mary says

Round 2
6 - £5,000 Martin
10 - 10p Denise
7 - 50p Chris

Banker time
You are starting to balance it up now says Noel, as Mary gets some cheers from the pligrims. Noel gets Mary to show us some of her tap dancing, but when she finishes she starts to look to choose another box! The Banker says that he heard the whole conversation that Mary's husband had during the break about what they would do with any winnings!

Banker's offer:

Mary says

Round 3
17 - £100,000 Marley
Oh what a crash says Noel
9 - £500 Newbie Darren
19 - £1 Marshall

Banker time
Mary does a little dance and starts to look for another box before Noel shouts NO to stop her. The Banker says that he heard Mary's husband say that if they lost the £100,000 they would have to go all the way now, and that has now given him a problem to get rid of Mary early.

Banker's offer:

Mary says

Round 4
3 - £50 Anji
12 - £3,000 Jim
You really need the 1p now says Noel
11 - £35,000 Ammarah

Banker time
That is a disaster in terms of the offer says Noel.

Banker's offer:

Mary says

Round 5
13 - £100 Therese
1 - £15,000 Barry
4 - 1p Bharti

Banker time
The Banker says the 1p was really crucial and he will be fair now.

Banker's offer:

That is fair says Mary and she turns to her husband who tells her she will know what she is going to do now.

Mary says

Round 6
15 - £20,000 Erica
The game hangs by a thread now says Noel.
18 - £750 Howie
20 - £5 Alex

Banker time with £10 and £10,000 remaining

You've got a 10-10 climax now says Noel, £10 or £10,000...

Banker's offer:

That offer gets lots of boos from the pilgrims.

Mary says

Just as Noel is about to open the box the Banker calls and offers Mary the SWAP.

Banker's offer:

Mary says she was always going to take a swap for box 22, but a few ask her if she is sure and then some doubt enters her mind.

Mary says

Noel opens Mary's box 21 and reveals £10,000

Box 22 with Lisa contains the £10

That was a tough way to earn £10,000 says Noel, and he also declares it a Banker Spanking

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