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Monday, September 06, 2010

James' Deal or No Deal Game Report 06/09/10

Noel welcomes us to the start of a brand new week, and he wants to reflect on something interesting, as what could be more easier than just opening a few boxes. He talks about people coming with a strong belief and wonders how far people should follow their belief as the last 2 days could have seen a £250,000 win and a 1p win!

James has box 19 today. James is a plumber and is know as jammy Jimmy as all his friends think he is really lucky and always seems to land on his feet. James has his girlfriend in the audience for support today. We see a picture of James with his girlfriend and Noel thinks it is a professional photo, but James says it was done on a camera phone and is the wonders of modern technology James shows another photo that was used for a calendar.

Round 1
16 - £100,000 Balbina
4 - £1,000 Barry
Newbie Jim next, he says he is a firefighter and Noel says he can't wait for his game as firefighters always do well against the Banker
15 - £3,000 Newbie Jim
5 - £10,000 Allan
3 - £250,000 Andy

Banker time
Oh my word says Noel. The Banker is laughing down the phone saying Jammy Jimmy! He asks if Jimmy can come back from this, and thinks he will take out all the other reds now

Banker's offer:

James says

Round 2
9 - £10 Jeff
6 - £75,000 Lois
22 - £250 Max

Banker time
The Banker says that Jammy Jimmy's bad luck continues, and he happens to have a calendar and wonders if everyone would like to see a less clothed Jimmy leaning against a pile of blues! The Banker then puts up a topless image of Jimmy over the gameboard

Banker's offer:

James says

Round 3
18 - £750 Janet
14 - £500 Kenny
13 - 50p Mary

Banker time
That is better says Noel, and he asks the Banker if things have improved now. The Banker says they have and it now looks like a cat-flap on the board, and then puts up a picture of Jimmy's head looking through the cat-flap

Banker's offer:

James says

Round 4
8 - £5,000 Denise
10 - £100 Sue
Noel says that if James could find the 1p or 10p next he will be in a good position, as he has a solid block of reds on the right.
12 - £15,000 Bharti

Banker time
That was an extraordinary round says the Banker, and puts up another topless photo of James in the gap at the top right of the game-board.

Banker's offer:

Noel says that the problem at the moment is all the low blues are pulling the offers down, and he can't remember a game this year where there have been so many low blues left this late in the game. Noel says this is a classic risk/reward board as you have to weigh up if taking out a high red now will see any move in the future offers.

James says

Round 5
21 - 10p Lisa
That's one of them says Noel.
7 - £1 Letty
That's 2 of the 3 lowest, and the nightmare can't now happen says Noel.
1 - £5 Jade

Banker time
The Banker says that he does turn out to be Jammy Jimmy after all

Banker's offer:

That's more like it says James, and he knows what he is doing straight away!

James says

Round 6 - Proveout round
11 - £35,000 Rachel
20 - £20,000 Ian
Live up to your name says Noel.
17 - 1p Paul

Banker time with £50 and £50,000 remaining

Noel says that is extraordinary as Paul has the 1p yet again, that is 3 times in 4 games!

Banker's offer:
Banker's Gamble

James says that is a big risk. Noel asks James' girlfriend to join them at the pound table. James says that would be the biggest gamble he has ever taken. His girlfriend says that is too much of a gamble, but he is a gambler.

James says

Noel opens box 19 and reveals £50,000

James says that was just too much of a gamble.

Justin with box 2 contains the £50

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