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Monday, September 27, 2010

Barry's Deal or No Deal Game Report 27/09/10

Noel says we're getting closer to the show's 5th birthday, and he says he wants a male quarter-millionaire before that milestone. Noel asks the men in the west wing what qualities they have to win the jackpot...

Barry has box 16. Barry is a retired electrician, and Noel says he knows nothing about him, so he says he went into National Service for just 10 days as he was rejected due to flat feet! Barry shows a pic of his wife and another pic of his family, when they all dressed up last Christmas. Barry has a loop of string with a ring on, and he says it's part of a game he plays with his family, where you have to guess who has the ring.

Round 1
Barry says he's starting with the ones he fancies the most.
9 - Lois - 10p
6 - newbie Gina - 50p
19 - Ammarah - £250
17 - Jim - £35,000
Barry chooses Howie, and the banker phones and asks Barry to come up with the challenge for Howie. Barry says if Howie opens a blue, the banker should give him £200, and the banker agrees!
8 - Howie - £1,000

Banker time
The banker says "tough luck Howie". He says Barry reminds him of the grandad of the Chuckle Brothers.

Banker's offer:

Barry says he's pleased with that.

Barry says

Round 2
2 - Erica - £5
10 - Ashlea - £50
4 - Therese - £15,000

Banker time
The banker says Barry's working his magic on all of the ladies...

Banker's offer:

Barry says 10 years ago, he'd have been quiet as a mouse but he can get away with murder now at his age.

Barry says

Round 3
12 - Bharti - £10
1 - Marley - £75,000
5 - Anji - £1

Banker time
Noel wonders why Barry picked Marley as it's the girls who are bringing him the blues! The banker says it's strange how the ladies are doing it for Barry.

Banker's offer:

Noel asks what Barry would do with the money, and Barry says he'd like to take his family on a big holiday. The banker phones back and talks to Barry. Barry tells the banker that £50,000 would do the trick, and then the banker hangs up.

Barry says

Round 4
Barry says the banker said a woman has the £250,000, but he's going to ignore him and do what he wants!!
11 - Angela - £100
7 - Annie - £100,000
15 - Alex - £750

Banker time
Noel rubs it in to the banker that he was wrong about a woman having the £250,000, as all the women have opened their boxes and it's still on the board.

Banker's offer:

Barry quickly says he's ready for the question, and the banker phones back and warns Barry that the light that's currently switched on could be switched off if the boxes go wrong!

Barry says

Round 5
13 - Martin - 1p
20 - Chris - £5,000
21 - Marshall - £50,000

Banker time
The banker says Barry is odds-on to take out the £250k in the next round.

Banker's offer:

Barry says it's a good offer.

Barry says

Round 6
18 - Paul - £20,000
Noel says Barry's had no superstition, and Barry says he has faith in the game.
22 - Steve - £250,000
Noel says this is damage limitation recovery mode!
14 - Robbie - £3,000

Banker time with £500 and £10,000 remaining...

Noel says everything's changed in just a few minutes. The banker concedes that Barry may well have won big on another day.

Banker's offer:

Barry says that's good and Noel says it's hugely respectable. Noel runs through Barry's game and his offers, and says he can't win anything higher than any of his previous offers.

Barry says

Noel says whatever you feel about Barry, he's true to his word, and he says Barry's declined a total of over £80,000.

Barry wins £500 from his box 16.

Box 3 with Darren contains the £10,000

Barry says he's had a great time and has had an electric experience.

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