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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Erica's Deal or No Deal Game Report 30/09/10

Noel says the sum of money the player wins doesn't always tell the whole story of the game, and he says that applies to Jim's game yesterday. Noel says Howie got his £200 at last, because he kissed Steve, and Noel gives Steve a bunch of flowers.

Erica has box 21. Erica is a retired health care assistant, and a self-confessed massive fan of DoND and is very keen on gardening and cooking. Noel speaks to her about the experience of being a contestant, and she says she's nervous but it's really good. Erica has a pair of lucky glasses with her, and she shows us some pics of her garden, and a pic of her with her husband on their 40th wedding anniversary. Erica explains that he wooed her with wolf whistles among other things! Erica has her daughter in the audience today.

Round 1
20 - Christopher - £100,000
"Woahh" says Erica!
12 - Lilly - £50
3 - Ammarah - £250
8 - Marley - £500
13 - Howie - £20,000

Banker time
Noel says Erica has green fingers, and the banker says flowers wilt when he walks by them and green fields turn grey when he walks through them.

Banker's offer:

Erica makes her decision very quickly, as she says she doesn't have a special box she wants to keep.

Erica says

Round 2
9 - Therese - £75,000
16 - Gina - £3,000
Noel says Erica's been married to her husband for 47 years and she wants to take him on a cruise, but he suffers from sea-sickness.
10 - Anji - £750

Banker time
The banker says Marley looks like he's had a heavy night, but Marley denies having one.

Banker's offer:

Erica says

Round 3
The banker phones and says he was planning to throw someone out, and just as Erica said "no deal", there was a very wobbly camera shot. Noel gets the cameraman who did it to own up, and he confiscates his camera and chucks him out of the studio. Noel then gives the camera to Erica and asks her to film her own show.
22 - Martin - £5
Noel then takes charge of the camera and does some good close-up shots.
2 - Bharti - £10
7 - Angela - 10p

Banker time
The banker says Erica looked very good on NoelCam.

Banker's offer:

Round 4
6 - Ashlea - £250,000
19 - Marshall - £10,000
1 - Annie - £100

Banker time
Noel tells Erica to stop thinking about the £250k. The banker says this board is a classic scenario.

Banker's offer:

Erica says that's very good for the board but there's still money up there.

Erica says

Round 5
4 - newbie Debs - 1p
18 - Alex - 50p
15 - Steve - £1

Banker time
The banker says there were very small odds of that happening. Bharti guesses the offer could be £17,000 and she's correct.

Banker's offer:
Noel says what a big pond Erica could have with that. Noel talks over some of the scenarios.

Erica says

Round 6 (proveout)
17 - Darren - £5,000
14 - Chris - £1,000
"Ooh no no no" says Noel.
11 - Robbie - £35,000

Banker time with £15,000 and £50,000 remaining...

Banker's offer would've been:

Erica has £15,000 in her box 21.

Box 5 with Paul contains the £50,000

Erica says she can't believe she's been on the show!

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