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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Justin's Deal or No Deal Game Report 14/09/10

Noel says we all know the deal and so far no one has gone at the first offer, but also people who go at the 3rd offer normally fail to beat the Banker, and he has noticed that most 3rd round deals follow a disaster game as happened yesterday with Andy following Letty

Justin has box 19 today. Justin is a self-employed builder. Noel says Justin doesn't like having his hair cut, and he says that it started when he used to have his haircut as a child by his aunty. Justin introduces his fiancee who is a hairdresser, and he tells us how they met. Justin shows us a picture of his 2 children. Noel says we will hear how Justin proposed later as it was very romantic.

Round 1
22 - £10 Howie
5 - 1p Ashlea
3 - £50 Jim
2 - £15,000 Marshall
Justin says he is really nervous, and this show has really helped bring him out of himself a little
6 - £1 Sue

Banker time
The Banker says he was feeling bad about Howie, and he thought if Howie had the 1p today he might have given him the £200! He is a little worried about the love for Justin in the room and he thinks he will be against the whole room today

Banker's offer:

Justin says

Round 2
9 - £10,000 Mary
11 - £20,000 Lois
18 - £5 Newbie Paul

Banker time
That is fantastic says Noel, and it is only eclipsed by the moment that Justin proposed, Noel does a big build up to what it could have been, and then reveals that Justin proposed while sat on the sofa watching TV The Banker says he can feel the love in the room growing stronger, and has been reading up on ferrets to help him!

Banker's offer:

Justin says it is a good offer, but it is also a strong board.

Justin says

Round 3
8 - 10p Robbie
Justin says that even in his dreams he hasn't had this good a start to his game.
17 - £5,000 Janet
15 - £500 erica

Banker time
We like this very much says Noel.

Banker's offer:

No wonder it is £17,000 with the power 5 still there says Noel. Noel says that Justin used to be a big gambler, and Justin says he was a little too much of a gambler sometimes.

Justin says

Round 4
10 - £750 Lisa
21 - £1,000 Therese
16 - £250,000 Denise

Banker time
That is a killer says Justin. That is the first glimmer of hope for the Banker says Noel. The Banker says he is going down, but it is still a good offer.

Banker's offer:

Justin says

Round 5
20 - £100 Rachel
Noel thinks that brings things back on track again.
14 - £50,000 Barry
You musn't touch the £35,000 now says Noel.
4 - £3,000 Allan

Banker time
That was big final box says the Banker, and it went Justin's way, he asks how old Justin's children are and would like to have another look at the photo of them and then asks for it to be put on the game board. He then says that they have that look that they know their father would never let them down.

Banker's offer:

Justin turns to his fiancee who says it is fabulous money. Justin says he could do so much with that, but he knows his children just need time and love.

Justin says

Round 6 - Proveout round
Justin admits that the Banker got him with all the talk about his children and he would have loved to have played on! Ian next and he cracks a joke about a sofa and the Banker calls and tells him to leave the studio after he opens his box!
13 - 50p Ian
7 - £35,000 Jeff
12 -£100,000 Max

Banker time with £250 and £75,000 remaining

There could still be big money in your box says Noel. The Banker says that one of them has made a big mistake. He then asks to see the photo of Justin's children again.

Banker's offer:
Banker's Gamble

Justin says that he needs to ask the boss about this, and his fiancee says it is a big gamble.

Justin says

Noel opens box 19 and reveals £250

Box 1 with Bharti contains the £75,000

Justin says there was a bit of him that wanted to gamble, but he knew he could do so much with the money he had won he couldn't do it. Noel announces a Banker Spanking

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