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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Safina's Deal or No Deal 12/05/10 - Cops and Robbers Specials

Q.C. Noel welcomes us to the Dream Courts and he reveals that today is actually the Banker's birthday so anything can happen. He runs through the COPS & ROBBERS twist and introduces the jail where the Banker can send anyone he feels deserves a spell in there.

Safina has box 8 today. Safina is from Birmingham, and we get to see a before and after shot of her in her robber outfit. We get to see Safina's wedding pictures and she talks about the wedding.

Round 1
The Banker calls before the start of the round and the Banker wants everyone to wish him a happy birthday, and after they do he asks if they actually said Banker The Banker asks Safina to remove her mask so he can see her eyes, and he says he has a surprise at 5-box and he has wired the studio for sound and for the first time ever we will all hear the Banker as he gets involved in the game.

4 - £5,000 Debs
7 - £1 Jodie
17 - 50p Autumn
15 - 1p Harry
That is really, really good says Noel.
14 - £20,000 Lee

Banker time
That was super OK says Noel.

Banker's offer:

Safina says

Round 2
9 - £10,000 Michael
16 - £750 Neil
11 - £5 Newbie Adam

Banker time
The Banker isn't having a great birthday at the moment says Noel. The Banker asks Newbie Adam to select someone to go into the jail for the rest of the game, and Adam picks Lee.

Banker's offer:

Safina says that is a lovely sum of money.

Safina says

Round 3
20 - £250 Liam
19 - £100,000 Juliana
That is OK and was going to happen at some point says Safina
10 - £50,000 Steve

Banker time
There is a bit of a red money ladder now says Noel.

Banker's offer:

Safina says

Round 4
18 - £3,000 David
12 - £50 Fran
2 - 10p Emma

Banker time
That is a very attractive 8-box says Noel. The Banker says he is prepared to reveal something to Safina, and the birthday treat for Safina is that if she plays on to 5-box he will allow her to play both twists today and doesn't have to choose between them, so she can win the holiday and also play on one-box at a time.

Banker's offer:

Safina looks for advice and Michael says there is at least one more round in the game.

Safina says

Round 5
13 - £250,000 Lisa
Hopes are dashed says Noel.
21 - £15,000 Jean
1 - £10 Dave

Cops and Robbers time...

We've got some balance back says Noel. The Banker says there is a BUT in his birthday twist, and there is a downside to the twist. He allows Safina to play both twists, but if Safina finds LOSE in both twists the Banker will take control of the game and he will chose Safina's next 3 boxes! We then get to hear the Banker's evil laugh.

Noel goes over to the COPS twist

Safina chooses Box B - Noel reveals WIN

Noel now goes over the the ROBBERS twist

Safina chooses Box A - Noel reveals WIN

Noel will reveal where the holiday is later.

The Banker asks Noel to reveal the other boxes incase Noel was cheating him and there were no LOSE

Banker's offer:

Safina asks the pilgrims if she should play on and they all say yes.

Safina says

Round 6 - (Box 1)
3 - £100 Clive

Banker time
That was perfect says Noel, and the Banker has to come up with something good now.

Banker's offer:

Safina says she really doesn't know what to do now.

Safina says

Round 6 - Proveout (Box 2)
5 - £35,000 Craig

Banker time
Banker's offer would've been:

Round 6 - Proveout (Box 3)
6 - £500 De

Banker time with £1,000 and £75,000 remaining

The Banker's wishes to share his decision with everyone now and we hear him declare

Banker's offer:

Safina says

Noel opens box 8 and reveals £75,000

Gem with box 22 contains the £1,000

Noel now reveals that Safina has won a week for 2 in the Algarve as well

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