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Monday, May 17, 2010

De's Deal or No Deal Game Report 17/05/10

Everything is back to normal tomorrow after the Cops and Robbers theme last week, and Noel runs through all the shows and what could have been won.

De has box 11 today. De, who prefers to be called Dicky. Noel says that all of De's stories he has seem to involve cows! De says it all stems from her childhood when her father took her to a dairy. De shows us a picture of when she was a girl on a farm, we also see a picture of De's house which has pictures of cows all on one side of it De explains the system she devised on some writings she came up with and she says that she sees everything and everyone in the studio as based around cows!

Round 1
De asks for a Moo if it is a red! 'Moobie' Paul first
10 - £10,000 Newbie Paul
Moos for that one!
20 - £75,000 Chloe
More Moos!
7 - £1 Steve
6 - £15,000 Lisa
16 - £250 Michael

Banker time
The Banker says that De is a wise old bird and a mad cow! He says this game will be high steaks!

Banker's offer:

De says

Round 2
17 - £5,000 Lee
15 - £3,000 Alan
13 - £100,000 Juliana

Banker time
Oh that's not good says Noel as he Moos!

Banker's offer:

De says

Round 3
1 - £50,000 Liam
I don't believe it says De. Noel says this is starting to become very precarious
19 - £1,000 Debs
This needs to turn around for you says Noel, and De says this is the worst game she has seen.
5 - £250,000 Gem

Banker time
This is a truely cruel game now says Noel. Everyone tells De to stay positive. The Banker says there is something about De and he would like to give her a hug.

Banker's offer:
Pat of butter

De says she will only accept it if is it English, and the Banker calls back and says it is Danish! De is not impressed with the Banker offering Danish butter.

The banker calls back and says he's seen the error of his ways and is changing the offer!

Banker's offer:
2 Pats of Danish butter

De says

Round 4
De tells the emotional story of how 9 is associated with the death of her son as that was the date she heard of his death, and how that was a turning point in her life.
9 - £20,000 Neil
Noel says we have never had an all-blue 8-box before, and it would be senstational if De has the £35,000 in her box.
22 - 50p David
2 - £100 Dave

Banker time
Noel says this is easy now as the £35,000 is in De's box and there will be all blues now! The Banker says this is the worst board of all time and he threatens margarine next!

Banker's offer:

De says

Round 5
14 - 10p Autumn
Noel tries to get some energy in the room and dances around!
8 - £750 Adam
12 - £5 Harry

Banker time
Noel says we will talk about this game for years to come.

Banker's offer:

Noel tells De this is her 2nd highest offer of her game and to think about this offer very carefully. De talks about her husband and how he has been ill and spent 5 months in hospital and she would love to have him at home.

De says

Round 6
3 - £50 Mickey
18 - £35,000 Clive
21 - £10 Jodie

Banker time with 1p and £500 remaining

Banker's offer:

De says

The Banker calls back and offers the SWAP

De says

Noel SWAPS De's box 11 with box 4

De now has box 4

Noel opens box 4 and reveals 1p

Jean opens box 11 and reveals £500

De says winning the 1p is better than being Miss Nobody, and is upset that she can't get her 1p kiss now, so Noel gives her a kiss.

De is now the 30th member of the 1p club.

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