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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Craig's Deal or No Deal Game Report 16/05/10 - Cops and Robbers specials

Noel says he feels very nervous today and explains it's the final Cops & Robbers special, and the banker could do something totally ghastly!

Craig has box 12. Craig is an apprentice gas engineer from Scotland, and he talks about how he's been looking for a career for a long time so he feels lucky to have the apprenticeship. He says he has arachnophobia, and on his first day he opened a meter box which had massive spiders in it! Craig shows us a pic of his baby son. Noel says Craig has a dangerous dream which we'll hear about later...

Round 1
Craig says he has some numbers which he'll keep to the end.
4 - Adam - £5,000
5 - Jodie - £20,000
3 - Michael - £10,000
Craig says it's good to hit the low reds early on so you have more blues to hit later.
16 - Debs - £50,000
20 - Steve - £5

Banker time
The banker says everyone will get party bags, but they might not be what people expect! He says he's been collecting them and some of them are warm, and Noel asks him how his dogs are. The banker's unhappy that Steve provided the only blue in that round, so he gets sent to JAIL...

Banker's offer:

Craig says

Round 2
14 - Mikey - £50
17 - Lisa - £250
7 - De - £1

Banker time
Noel says one of Craig's dreams is to take his partner Clare on a romantic holiday. Noel wonders if wedding bells are in the air! The banker sends the last 3 players who revealed blues to JAIL! He says Craig looks like one of the policemen from Mary Poppins...

Banker's offer:

Craig says that's a sensible offer.

Craig says

Round 3
19 - Liam - £3,000
10 - Autumn - £10
21 - Jean - £1,000

Banker time
The banker sends Autumn to JAIL because she revealed a blue! The banker says everyone who finds a blue goes to JAIL, but they'll all get released if Craig finds the 1p.

Banker's offer:

Craig says

Round 4
Newbie Alan now, who talks about how he makes cider...
11 - Alan - £100
Alan gets sent to JAIL...
18 - Chloe - £75,000
9 - Juliana - £100,000

Banker time
Noel says the £250k looks exposed now. The banker says if Craig goes to 5-box, he has a holiday surprise for him.

Banker's offer:

Craig talks about how his future career won't give him a lot of money, but it'll be enough.

Craig says

Round 5
2 - Harry - £750
Harry gets sent to JAIL...
6 - Gem - 50p
Gem gets sent to JAIL... Craig says his keeping 13 as it's his son's birthday.
22 - David - 1p
All the contestants in the JAIL get released...

Cops and robbers time

Noel says it is now COPS and ROBBERS, and Craig has to decide if he wants to play on in the final round one-box at a time by playing the COPS twist, or if he wants to try and win a holiday but then play on as normal by opening 3 boxes in the final round by playing the ROBBERS twist. Each twist has 2 choices which contains a WIN or a LOSE.

Craig decides to play the COPS twist to try and play on one-box at a time.

Craig chooses Box B

Box B is WIN

Banker's offer:

Craig says that's a couple of grand below the average.

Craig says

Round 6 (part one)
8 - Neil - £35,000

Banker time
Craig says that's alright. Noel opens an envelope and says Craig would've won a week for 2 in Greece if he'd chosen and won the ROBBERS option. The banker says he'd have changed the holiday to Rhodes which is where Craig really wants to go.

Banker's offer:
£17,000 + dream holiday to Rhodes

Lee talks about a dream they had, and David says Craig should cut and run.

Craig says

Round 6 (part two) (proveout)
Craig says he really wanted to go on.
1 - Dave - £500

Banker time
Banker's offer would've been:
£40,000 + dream holiday to Rhodes

Round 6 (part three) (proveout)
Craig says you're joking!
15 - Clive - 10p

Banker time with £15,000 and £250,000 remaining

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel says that's one of the biggest offers ever.

Noel says the SWAP is guaranteed because the £250k is in play, and Craig says he'd have said SWAP.

Noel swaps Craig's box 12 for Lee's box 13...

Craig's new box 13 has £15,000

Craig's original box 12 now with Lee contains the £250,000

Noel says Craig's played the whole game with the £250k on the table!

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