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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dave's Deal or No Deal Game Report 18/05/10

Noel says he tries to avoid predicting what's going to happen in each game, but he says that he thinks today's game will be affected in a good or a bad way by De's induction to the 1p club yesterday.

Dave has box 8. Dave is from Doncaster and is retired from various jobs, including making ice lollies and laying carpets, and is currently a part-time steward at Doncaster race course. Dave's daughter Jane is in the audience today, and she says he can be a bit of a handful. We get to see a pic of Dave when he was aged 18, and another pic of him making garages.

Round 1
Dave says he's keeping some birthday numbers to the end. He speaks to the audience and asks for loud cheers for blues and big BOOs for reds... Noel introduces us to newbie Rosie and explains she lost her sight when she was in her 50s, and her neighbours on the wings will help her open her box.
3 - Adam - £250
22 - Jodie - £50
15 - newbie Rosie - £250,000
17 - David - £10,000
4 - Neil - 1p

Banker time
Noel says there was such a contrast in that round, and the banker reminds everyone how there are now 30 members in the 1p club and only 2 members of the £250,000 club! He says he's got a new money making business and he asks Noel to shake the hands of 2 audience members. He says those audience members paid £40 to shake the hand of Noel!

Banker's offer:

Dave says

Round 2
Juliana now, and Noel has some banter with her because he feels he hasn't bonded with her yet.
13 - Juliana - £10
9 - Clive - £1,000
1 - Lisa - £20,000

Banker time
Noel says his hero Jeremy Clarkson comes from Doncaster, and he asks Dave what they think of him there. The banker starts talking about how the game is getting political, with left and right and red and blue! Noel says Deal or No Deal would be a good way of choosing a government with the blues and the reds!!!

Banker's offer:

Dave says

Round 3
10 - Mikey - £5
11 - Lee - £35,000
21 - Paul - £100,000

Banker time
The banker says he likes a comment Lee said about Dave's shirts matching his personality, and the banker says Dave's outfit is great.

Banker's offer:

Dave says he was expecting to get docked there.

Dave says

Round 4
Noel tells everyone to cheer up!
5 - Liam - £5,000
6 - Michael - £50,000
Noel says there are memories of yesterday's game now, and Dave accidentally calls Noel 'Neil'! The banker phones back and says he's changed his business plan so it's £10 for a handshake with Neil.
Noel is now wearing a name badge which reads "NEIL".
14 - Alan - £3,000

Banker time
Noel and Dave keep calling each other by the wrong names. The banker's wondering if he wants to buy the box at all, and he'd quite like Dave to continue with this board!

Banker's offer:

Total silence greets the offer and Noel says it's the lowest offer of the game so far.

Dave says

Round 5
The banker phones back and says he thinks Dave will take both the reds out in this round, and the banker will have a landslide victory!
12 - Harry - £750
20 - Steve - £100
16 - Gem - £75,000

Banker time
Noel says the banker was semi-right with his prediction, but the banker says he doesn't like being only half-right! He says this game is so cheap, he's going to claim it on his expenses.

Banker's offer:

Dave asks for the question, and his daughter asks if he's thought about it. Lee tells Dave to slow down and think about it to avoid doing what De did.

Dave says

Round 6
7 - Jean - £1
The banker phones and asks if Dave is knowledgeable in Greek mythology, and Dave thinks he said 'Greek holidays'. The banker talks about Cassandra and the curse where no-one believed her predictions. He says he predicts that the £15,000 is in BOX 19, and Dave says that's the number of his daughter's birthday. Noel notices Chloe is crying a little, so Dave goes over and wipes her eye with his tissue!
18 - Chloe - £15,000
Noel says the game is effectively over now, and points out the banker's prediction was wrong.
19 - Debs - £500

Banker time with 10p and 50p remaining

Noel says Dave just hasn't had the boxes to play with today, and he says he's replicated De's game yesterday. Dave says he's had a great time and money isn't the only thing in life. The banker can be heard partying and raving down the phone!

Banker's offer:

The banker says he's paid for yesterday's and today's show with the small change he found at the back of his sofa!

Dave says

Dave wins 10p from his box 8

Box 2 with Autumn contains the 50p

Dave re-iterates that he'd liked to have won more, but he's had a great experience.

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