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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lisa's Deal or No Deal Game Report 19/05/10

Noel says the biggest challenge on the show is realising the sums of money being available on the show, and he says it is really hard to visualise what £100,000 looks like in real money, but this week it has been really easy and he gets some small change from his pocket!

Lisa has box 12 today. Lisa is from West Yorkshire, and lives in a place called Netherthong which gets some giggles. Lisa works for a company called Brake which helps people who have suffered in road traffic accidents. Lisa has a lucky magic lantern that she will be rubbing throughout the show for luck.

Lisa has a good luck card from her daughter. Lisa has De with her as her for support today, and Noel says that has taken great courage to come back to the Dream Factory after winning 1p on Monday.

Round 1
1 - £10 David
6 - £50 Steve
14 - £500 Michael
19 - £5,000 Clive
5 - £1 Lee

Banker time
That is the opening round we wanted says Noel. Lisa says that looks pretty damn good, and the Banker says he can't argue with that, he also says it is a pleasure to see De again.

Banker's offer:

Lisa says

Round 2
17 - £3,000 Harry
20 - £50,000 Autumn
7 - £750 Neil

Banker time
That didn't really change a lot from a balance point of view says Noel. The Banker thinks that the magic lamp seems to be working, although Noel is worried she is rubbing it too much.

Banker's offer:

Lisa says that if she wins a lot of money she would love to take her mum to Pompey, and she has an upside down house and would love to build a balconey on her lounge upstairs.

Lisa says

Round 3
18 - £75,000 Mickey
That box has pushed it the Banker's way says Noel.
10 - £10,000 Juliana
15 - £250 Paul

Banker time
The Banker talks about De and Lisa being good freinds and thinks they would like to spend a lot of time together on a cruise!

Banker's offer:

Adam reveals that Lisa's husband told her not to deal before 8-box regardless of the offers, and the Banker calls back and says that is interesting information.

Noel says the Banker never misses the chance to drive a wedge between people, and there is a new offer!

Banker's offer:

Lisa says that her grand-mother also phoned up Lisa gets some advice from the wings, and the Banker calls back and says that it is time to answer the question now, and she has to deal as her husband will think he is in charge for the rest of their lives.

Lisa says

Round 4 - Proveout round
Noel again takes us over the board and talks about how her husband told her to carry on past 8-box, and then points to the big money on the board, but also the 1p still being there, and mentions the 2 low wins this week which has scared the contestants.
13 - £100 Liam
22 - £15,000 Gem
Not good enough says Noel, the Banker then calls and says that if this is blue the offer would be something in the 20's
16 - £100,000 Rosie

Banker time
Things got a little better with that one says Noel and he wonders if Lisa has done a clever thing in dealing early.

Banker's offer would've been:

Round 5 - Proveout round
The Banker calls back and says there is news from Netherthong, and the residents are reporting an irate man throwing clothing out of a house!
9 - 10p Newbie Jo
That is not what you wanted says Noel
2 - £250,000 Alan
8 - £20,000 Jodie

Banker time
This is suddenly getting a whole lot better says Noel.

Banker's offer would've been:

Round 6 - Proveout round
21 - £5 Chloe
11 - £35,000 Adam
3 - £1,000 Debs

Banker time with 1p and 50p remaining

What an amazing and spooky end says Noel with De sitting in the audience.

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens box 12 and reveals 50p
Box 4 with Jean contains the 1p

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