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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Natalie's Deal or No Deal Game Report 11/05/10 - Cops and Robbers Specials

Noel introduces us to the cops and robbers on each wing, and also the two police boxes which could allow the player to get an offer after every box, and the safes which could allow the player to win a holiday.

Natalie has box 22. Natalie covers her box in a pink boa and glitter! She says she has a thing about pink, and she introduces us to her boyfriend Adam who is a fireman and is in the audience today. He tells a story of how he pretended not to be able to use a printer to speak to her! We get to see a pic of her nana, and she has a snake brooch with her for luck. We also see a pic of her as a carnival queen.

Round 1
11 - Lee - £50
14 - Jean - £5,000
De now, and Noel says she has a fine brain and he is promoting her to CID, so he changes her name badge to "CIDE"!
5 - De - £3,000
4 - Debs - £100
13 - Steve - £35,000

Banker time
The banker says he's loving this week so far and he says Natalie is one of his favourite players ever.

Banker's offer:

Natalie says that's nice but not amazing.

Natalie says

Round 2
9 - Juliana - £10
Dave now, and he says he thinks Natalie is a bloke dressed in drag! The banker phones and sends Dave with his box to JAIL. He now opens his box from JAIL...
2 - Dave - 10p
6 - Gem - £500

Banker time
Noel talks about the similarities to Paul's game yesterday.

Banker's offer:

Natalie says that offer goes up from 'nice' to 'great'.

Natalie says

Round 3
17 - Emma - £75,000
21 - Craig - £15,000
10 - Autumn - £5

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Natalie says that's really nice of him to stick. She asks her boyfriend Adam who says she still has more reds than blues, and she says she still has the £250,000.

Natalie says

Round 4
Noel says this is nicely balanced and could tip one way or the other now. Jean says Noel is putting the mockers on things again! Noel talks about putting her in prison, so the banker phones and says Noel showed a lack of respect for Jean, so Noel has to go into the JAIL. Noel says Natalie's the presenter now until he's released.
18 - Fran - £100,000
19 - Safina - £250,000
7 - Neil - 1p

Banker time
Natalie answers the phone as Noel is still in the JAIL! She says to the banker she feels OK now the 1p has gone, and she says she quite likes presenting the show!

Banker's offer:

Natalie says that's OK and that it's a toughie. She talks about wiping out the top 3 values, and her boyfriend says he should go to at least 5-box. Dave asks to be transferred to solitary to get away from Noel.

Natalie asks herself the question...

Natalie says

Round 5
1 - Lisa - 50p
Noel says he needs bail! Debs offers to take Noel's place so he can be released and help Natalie. The banker phones and agrees! So Debs and Noel swap places in the prison.
12 - Clive - £10,000
3 - Liam - £1,000

Cops & robbers time...

Noel says it is now COPS and ROBBERS, and Natalie has to decide if she wants to play on in the final round one-box at a time by playing the COPS twist, or if she wants to try and win a holiday but then play on as normal by opening 3 boxes in the final round by playing the ROBBERS twist. Each twist has 2 choices which contains a WIN or a LOSE.

Natalie decides to play the COPS twist to try and play on one-box at a time.

Natalie chooses Box B

Box B is WIN

Natalie says she found that decision hard.

Banker's offer:

Noel says the banker is trying to stop Natalie as she can now proceed at one box at a time.

Natalie says

Round 6 (part 1)

8 - Harry - £1

Banker time

Natalie thinks the offer will be £10,500

Banker's offer:

Natalie says that's nice. Her boyfriend says she could be in a lot worse position.

Natalie says

Round 6 (part 2)

20 - Michael - £250

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Natalie says that's a mahoosive amount of money. Her boyfriend says he won't guide Natalie now, and Noel says that is BIG smile money!

Natalie says

Round 6 (part 3) (proevout)

16 - David - £750

Banker time with £20,000 and £50,000 remaining

Banker's offer would've been:

Natalie has £50,000 in her box 22.

Box 15 with newbie Jodie contains the £20,000

Natalie says it's alright as she's had such a fantastic experience.

Noel says tomorrow is the banker's actual birthday, and he guarantees something amazing will happen.

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