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Friday, May 28, 2010

Jean's Deal or No Deal Game Report 28/05/10

Noel says he watches the contestants really closely when they come into the Dream Factory and he can tell the ones who think it is going to be their game today, he then goes along West wing and asks them who they think it will be from them playing today!

Jean has box 14 today. Jean is from Rochdale and is very keen on darts, she says her team is very good but the men she plays darts with haven't won a thing. We get to see a picture of her late husband, and another of her darts team with all their trophies, we also see a picture of Jean's shop she used to own. Jean talks a little about her son who moved to America and setup his own construction business.

The Banker calls and says he was worried that Jean would start putting her foot down early and he anticipated this and put an extra contract in Noel's notepad for Jean to sign saying she won't complain about the outcome or anything that happens in her game

Round 1
Jean says it doesn't matter what boxes she opens, and Noel tells everyone to all open their boxes now at the same time!
12 - 10p Newbie Maurice
9 - £250 Wendy
17 - £5 Ahmed
5 - £75,000 Autumn
11 - £100 Paul

Banker time
Noel says that is a pretty good opening. The Banker says he knew from an early point that Jean could complain about absolutely anything, and she would even complain about the mess the confetti would make if she won the £250,000

Banker's offer:

Jean says

Round 2
16 - 1p Mikey
Jean says she didn't want to go in a caravan, and Noel says that they are on a barge now, so Jean replies that she would rather go on a cruise.
15 - £10,000 Alan
21 - £750 Clive

Banker time
Noel says if he was playing he would be really happy with this board.

Banker's offer:

Jean says

Round 3
6 - £1,000 Lee
10 - £50 Adam
Just 4 blues left says Noel.
2 - £3,000 Chloe

Banker time
Noel talks about the cruise that Jean would like to go on, and she says she has always wanted to really go on one and she finally booked on in January and now needs some spending money

Banker's offer:

Noel says this is in the area that some players call 'Smile money'.

Jean says

Round 4
20 - £500 Steve
You are doing something right here says Noel.
18 - £100,000 Ralph
3 - £5,000 Sonia

Banker time
That is a good configuration says Noel, and there is a good block of reds there and the Banker hates blocks.

Banker's offer:

Jean asks if the Banker is frightened of the board, and Noel tells her that he is frightened of her

Jean says

Round 5
4 - £1 Jodie
Wow says Noel.
1 - 50p Harry
This is sensational stuff says Noel
13 - £250,000 Jo

Banker time
Noel says hang on, look at that board. The Banker says that Jo is the new heartbreaker and crusher of dreams. He says Jean is amazing. Noel says the Banker would normally slash the offer here

Banker's offer:

Now he really does want you out of the game says Noel.

Jean says

Round 6
That is totally extraordinary says Noel, and the Banker was sending a really strong message that he wanted Jean to stop then.
8 - £10 Mark
That is so fantastic says Noel and you are now guaranteed £15,000
19 - £35,000 Rosie
7 - £20,000 Neil

Banker time with £15,000 and £50,000 remaining

This is a fascinating scenario that you have created Noel tells Jean.

Banker's offer:

Jean says that is a lot of money. Noel says he had to offer that to try and stop Jean playing on. Jean asks everyone what she should do, and Noel does a sweep of the wings. It is a mixed response, but mostly say DEAL. Jean says she is going to play it out to the end as she can't lose now.

Jean says

Noel opens box 14 and reveals £50,000

Everyone runs over to congratulate Jean.

Box 22 with Logan contains the £15,000

Jean says that she now has to decide what to spend the money on

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