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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sidney's Deal or No Deal Game Report 26/02/12

Sidney has box 1 today. Sidney is from Deal in Kent Noel says he has been waiting for this moment for 6 years. Unfortunately Sidney's wife can't be with him in the studio today, but Noel says the pilgrims will give him lots of support. We get to see Sidney's family photo which was taken at Christmas, and Sidney says he always cooks on Boxing day and does mash and sprouts every year. Sidney has a lucky horseshoe that was given to him by a friend at the carehome where he calls the bingo numbers every week.

Round 1
Noel gets corrected by Sidney for calling him Sid
16 - £750 Newbie Niko
19 - £10 Kingsley
This is fun says Sidney. The Banker calls and asks what he has to call Sidney, and Sidney says Sidney
12 - £3,000 James
22 - £100 Dan
14 - £1,000 Carlos

Banker time
The Banker says how dare Sidney come out here dressed like a camp curtain salesman and tell everyone how they have to address him!

Banker's offer:

Sidney says he has a chicken called Sid vicious. The Banker calls and says that if Sidney has a chicken called that then it makes a big difference and the offer is now....

Banker's offer:

Sidney says

Noel asks if Sidney would shows how is prepared for every eventuality, and then show us that Sidney has a belt on, and also braces.

Round 2
9 - £100,000 Carly
6 - £75,000 Chris
That is a big hole now says Noel.
3 - £10,000 Jackie

Banker time
That was a horrible round after such a great opening says Noel. The Banker says he is very much a belt and braces man as well, although that is mainly because he doesn't wear clean underwear, and asks Sidney if he does the same! Sidney says he doesn't and will prove it if the Banker likes!

Banker's offer:

Sidney says

Round 3
Sidney talks about some numbers that worry him.
20 - £15,000 Laura
8 - £1 Lynn
Noel talks about Sidney's upcoming wedding anniversary and gets Sidney's wife and daughter's names mixed up, which results in Sidney yet again correcting Noel
4 - £50 David

Banker time
The Banker says he can see Sidney's military past in the way he conducts himself.

Banker's offer:

That is serious money says Sidney, and he goes to David for some advice, he tells Sidney that is a good offer, but does think there is another round in the game.

Sidney says

Round 4
Jess next and Noel asks if Sidney has seen her party piece of breaking an apple in half with her hands.
7 - £50,000 Jess
21 - 50p Carl
5 - £5 Kath

Banker time
The board remains in the balance says the Banker, and Sidney agrees. The Banker does feel that the board is slightly in his favour.

Banker's offer:

Sidney says he has always had faith in the number 1, and there is something about it. Sidney gets advice from the wings, and David tells him the Banker has pitched this perfectly, and at the moment this game could go either way, and could go wrong very quickly, although he is not trying to influence him at all. The Banker calls, but Noel is sat in the audience so Sidney answers and chats to him. He tells Sidney that if he takes out the £250,000 he will force him to the end of the game.

Sidney says

Sidney talks about what he would like to do with any winnings, it includes boarding over his loft and updating his bathroom with a walk-in bath.

Round 5
17 - £250,000 Keith
10 - £5,000 Zoe
13 - £500 Mark

Banker time
The Banker says it is not worth playing on and to get out while there is still a meaningful offer.

Banker's offer:

Sidney says

Round 6
2 - £20,000 Damien
11 - £35,000 Donna
19 - 1p Alma

Banker time with 10p and £250 remaining

Banker's offer:

Sidney says

Noel opens Sidney's box 1 and reveals 10p

Box 15 with Kirtsy contains the £250

That's the way it goes says Sidney, and he thanks everyone for their support

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