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Friday, February 24, 2012

Imani's Deal or No Deal Game Report 24/02/12

Imani has box 18 today. Imani is from Manchester and works at home with her mum working for a company promoting nutrition. Noel says he is really distracted by Imani's drooping lobes, as her earrings are so big. We see a picture of Imani with her mum, and Imani says she calls her mum stroganoff, but has no idea what it actually is

Noel gets very dramatic and theatrical as Imani gets a little excited about her game.

Round 1
Imani doesn't have any lucky numbers or system, and then starts panicking over her first box choice, Noel offers her a cup of tea to help calm things down.
5 - £1,000 Zoe
Imani says she is worn out already after only opening one box.
1 - £1 Keith
Imani can't bear to watch the boxes being opened.
6 - £5 Jess
4 - £75,000 Kingsley
10 - £100 Carl

Banker time
Apart from the £75,000 that was a good round says Noel. The Banker wants to talk to the pilgrims, and says he knows it is a long shot, but is anyone a hired assassin

Banker's offer:

Imani says

Round 2
8 - £750 Kirsty
3 - £20,000 Sidney
Imani again struggles with her box choice, so Noel gets himself a chair and a newspaper
14 - £10,000 Lynn

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Noel asks Imani what she would do with any winnings, and she takes a while to answer so her friend tells her to hurry up and answer Noel

Imani says

Round 3
Noel asks Imani if she fancies a quickie. But she even takes a while to choose these
7 - 10p Damien
21 - 1p Chris
There is total confusion as Noel tries to stop the 1p kiss to continue the quickie round
13 - £50 Laura

Banker time
Oh wow, that was almost the perfect round says Noel, and he tells Imani that she can do things quickly if she tries.

Noel plays around with the offers starting at £20,000, then £23,000...

Banker's offer:

Imani says she didn't think she would get emotional, but that is a lot of money and she can do so much for all her family with that. Noel gives Imani some personal advise and tells her to do whatever she feels comfortable with, and if £25,000 will do so much for her life to consider it as things can go wrong.

Imani says

Round 4
16 - £10 David
15 - £35,000 James
17 - £500 Carlos

Banker time
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes says Noel. That round went Imani's way and this is a tricky offer says the Banker.

Banker's offer:

Imani goes to her friend who says it is an amazing offer, but that with that board she would be tempted to play on. Imani says she is not a gambler or a greedy person, but...

Imani says

Noel says that was a very, very big no deal.

Round 5
11 - £250 Carly
If you can find 50p this will be extraordinary, and you will be going home with chunky money says Noel.
20 - 50p Alma (Box opened by Carl)
22 - £250,000 Kath

Banker time
Wow says Noel, the death box did live up to it's name. The Banker says thank goodness for the death box.

Banker's offer:

That is amazing and incredible says Imani. Noel tells Imani to think very carefully about his, as it requires a very special player to deal on a descending offer. Imani goes to her friend for some advice. The Banker calls and says that if Imani plays on the odds are she will hit the £100,000 and the offer would be lower depending on the 2 other boxes, but there is the very small chance she could do another amazing round. Imani struggles with her decision and apologises to Noel for not knowing what to do...

Imani says

Round 6
Imani struggles with her box selection and then can't look at the box opening.
2 - £5,000 Donna
That is one of the 3 you needed says Noel.
12 - £100,000 Jackie
9 - £15,000 Newbie Dan

Banker time with £3,000 and £50,000 remaining

The Banker says that he warned us the £100,000 was likely to go.

Banker's offer:

Noel says he is surprised at that offer, and thought it would start with a 1.

Imani says

Noel opens Imani's box 18 and reveals £50,000

Box 19 with Mark contains the £3,000

Imani says it has been magic being on the show.

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