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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Brian's Deal or No Deal Game Report 09/02/12

Brian has box 13. Brian is a retired coffee vending machine attendant from London. Noel talks about Brian's medals and his support for the Royal British Legion. Brian says in 1991, he decided to get a grant from the Legion to go and see his dad's grave in Singapore, and he says he never met his father as he died just before he was born. We get to see a photo of Brian's dad, and an old photo of Brian (when he had hair!) with Noel when Noel worked for the BBC.

Round 1
Noel says Brian's daughters are in the audience.
14 - Chris - £500
22 - Nick - £75,000
Noel says he thinks Nick is beautiful.
9 - Marios - £10,000
10 - Jess - £10
5 - Alex - £5

Banker time
The banker makes fun of what Noel's wearing in the photo Brian showed, and he says he almost looks ready to do some looting. He says he dislikes Brian's charity work.

Banker's offer:

Brian says

Round 2
1 - Alma - £50,000
Noel says Imani wants to dress him up in a velvet suit, as his shirts are getting predictable! Imani says she'd also scrape Noel's hair back!
12 - Imani - £5,000
2 - Gabbie - £1

Banker time
The banker says he's been online and just bought a small velvet suit!

Banker's offer:

Brian starts to pick a box without asking for the question, but doesn't realise! The banker rings and says Brian isn't Dr Evil after all, he's in need of a doctor.

Brian says

Round 3
Noel talks about the money Brian's raised for the Royal British Legion, and Brian says it totals £400,000 in 20 years, and he once raised over £22,000 in 1 year alone.
6 - Jim - £750
3 - Laura - 10p
15 - Mathew - £100,000

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Brian says he'd like to buy an Elvis style old car, and drive to Margate in it.

Brian says

Round 4
8 - Mike - £35,000
11 - Sidney - £250,000
"OH NO" shrieks Noel!
19 - David - £1,000

Banker time
The banker cheers down the phone at the poor board. He welcomes back Sidney and thanks him for returning.

Banker's offer:

Brian says he'd like to take his wife on a cruise, but it may have to be 2 nights in Bognor!

Brian says

Round 5
4 - newbie Zoe - £50
16 - Casey - £20,000
18 - Gill - £100

Banker time
Brian says it doesn't matter as he's had a wonderful time, and the banker says he likes how Brian is saying that before the end of the game.

Banker's offer:

Brian says

Round 6
21 - Cynthia - £3,000
17 - Stephen - £250
7 - Jackie - 50p

Banker time with 1p and £15,000 remaining...

The banker says he doesn't want another spanking.

Banker's offer:

Brian's daughters say something's better than nothing, and Brian says he should go for it then! Mike says the feint-heated gain nothing, and Laura asks what Brian would feel like if he wins 1p.

Brian says

Noel opens Brian's box 13 and reveals 1p

Box 20 with Kath contains the £15,000

Noel says he's so relieved, and Brian says he'll take his wife to the Wimpy bar!

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