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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Candice's Deal or No Deal Game Report 08/02/12

Candice has box 17 today. Candice has her husband in the audience for support today, along with her friend. We see a picture of Candice's dad, gran and granddad. Candice has a lucky rose quartz that her mum has let her borrow.

Round 1
22 - £35,000 Stephen
13 - £10,000 Newbie David
7 - £50,000 Alex
16 - £10 Nick
6 - 10p Alma

Banker time
That was good at the end and provided a bit of balance says Noel.

Banker's offer:

That is really good for a first offer says Candice.

Candice says

Noel says that one of the pilgrims called Emily thinks that Noel talks to himself on the phone and the Banker doesn't exist, so the Banker calls and asks to speak to her. He then tells her she should dump her boyfriend who is with her in the audience.

Round 2
10 - £1 Sidney (Opened by Stephen)
21 - £20,000 Laura
12 - £75,000 Brian

Banker time
The top 2 are quite exposed says Noel, and he hopes the luck isn't changing. The Banker says these are strange times in the game as the top 2 are still around, even though they are very exposed.

Banker's offer:

Noel says it is a great time to be playing, he runs through some of Candice's dreams, and she would like to get her own place, as she shares her time between her parents and boyfriends parents at the moment.

Candice says

Round 3
Candice would love to be a primary school teacher, but can't afford to do the training at the moment.
9 - £250,000 Jim
11 - £5,000 Kath
Oh no says Noel. Candice says this isn't great, but it isn't that bad as she still has a lot of blues.
15 - 1p Gill

Banker time
Thank goodness you did that says Noel. The Banker says he was forgetting what a 1-box game looked like.

Banker's offer:

Candice says that £3,000 would do a lot for her. Noel asks Candice's husband about their wedding, and he says that had an icecream truck at the wedding, and Noel thinks that was an excellent idea and a good way to help to pay for the wedding. Candice goes to her friend and husband for advice, and he says he would play on, although he would be in a slightly different position as he would have opened different boxes. Noel says he bows to the prince of hindsight

Candice says

Round 4
Candice wants a quickie
2 - £750 Imani
14 - £50 Gabbie
4 - £1,000 Chris

Banker time
Well that changed everything very quickly says Noel

Banker's offer:

That is really good, as my board isn't great says Candice, and she would have to hit a lot of blues to get a better offer. Candice's friend thinks the Banker is being very mean, as she wants Candice to win more money, Noel asks how much she thinks Candice should be offered, and she thinks around £12,000. The Banker calls back and agrees to increase the offer.

Candice's husband says he would have done quickies every round and it would have been the quickest game in history.

New offer
Banker's offer:

Candice says

Round 5
3 - £3,000 Jackie
20 - £5 Cynthia
18 - £100 Casey

Banker time
The Banker says that contestant good luck continues.

Banker's offer:

Candice says she doesn't know what to say, and she has never had £12,000. Candice's husband asks her if she can do everything she wants to do with £12,0000, and Candice says you always find a way to do things with little money. Candice goes through all the scenarios if she plays on. Imani says she won't give any advice either way, but just tell her to think very carefully about the offer and how to carry on. Candice's husband asks her if she is happy to risk £12,000 looking for £100,000. Candice goes for a sweep of the wings, but it is a mixed reaction.

Candice says

Round 6 - Proveout round
8 - £15,000 Jess
19 - £100,000 Mathew
5 - 50p Marios

Banker time with £250 and £500 remaining

You did a good sales job there says Noel

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens Candice's box 17 and reveals £250

Mike with box 1 contains the £500

Candice says that after watching Helen's game she just wanted to get the most out of her game, and she has done that.

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