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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kath's Deal or No Deal Game Report 29/02/12

Kath has box 7 today. Kath talks about how dance is a big part of her life and Noel says he can't dance and thinks it is a bit silly really, but Kath disagrees and says that even her dog dances. We get to see a picture of her friend fishing, and Noel says he hates fishing as well, and also golf. Noel says he is often asked to do strictly come dancing, but always refuses and gets out of doing it. Kath has her friend in the audience for support today.

Kath says she will do her Charlie Chaplin impression for us later.

Round 1
9 - £750 Damien
11 - £15,000 Carl
Keith next and Kath says she has been dancing with this morning.
3 - £50,000 Keith
13 - £500 James
16 - £5 Chris

Banker time
The Banker says he has been looking forward to Kath's game as she just really wants to get on with the game. The Banker winds up Kath's friend about her coming in feeling unwell, and Kath's friend asks if he wants a punchup

Banker's offer:

Kath says

Noel barks hello to Kath's dog, and Kath says he is staying in a doggie hotel while she is on the show. Noel and the Banker start having lots of banter with Kath's friend.

Round 2
2 - £50 Carlos
15 - £75,000 Zoe
1 - £5,000 Mark

Banker time
Noel says that Kath isn't giving much away and he is finding it hard to read her.

Banker's offer:

Kath says

Before the start of the next round Noel goes and gets a Charlie Chaplin costume for Kath to do her impression, but they forget the moustache, so Noel runs off again and gets some black tape!

Round 3
Sam next, and Noel says he looks like a used cotton bud. Noel asks if he went to the gym last night to pump himself up, and Sam says he did, but went in the sauna
6 - £250,000 Sam
Newbie Jan next and Noel talks to her about being from Cornwall, and Jan gets very passionate about it with Noel. The Banker calls and says he is getting worried about all these old ladies picking on him and Noel and doesn't think it's the sort of thing C4 are looking for on an afternoon
8 - 10p Newbie Jan
12 - £10,000 Kingsley

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Kath says it is a good offer, but is quickly ready for the question.

Kath says

Round 4
5 - £250 Jackie
10 - £35,000 Donna
Noel says Kath needs to stop taking out these reds
17 - £100 Dan

Banker time
Kath says she is always keen to get on with things, and then reckons she could beat Noel in a running race! Noel says it has been a very combative show today. The Banker calls and says it's like fight night tonight and it reminds him of Sidney's game where he concentrated on his shopping list, and thinks Kath is doing the same.

Banker's offer:

David and Damien give Kath advice and tell her it is a good offer on a dangerous board.

Kath says

Round 5
19 - £3,000 Niko
14 - 1p Lucy
20 - £20,000 Jess

Banker time
That last box has made the Banker happy says Noel, as it is now all or peanuts. The Banker says that Kath is hanging on by her fingernails now.

Banker's offer:

Noel says that is fair given how frightening this board is. Kath gets some advice from the wings.

Kath says

Round 6 - Proveout
22 - £100,000 David
It is always sweet when it comes out in the first box says Noel.
4 - 50p Kirsty
21 - £1,000 Carly

Banker time with £1 and £10 remaining

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens Kath's box 7 and reveals £10

Box 18 with Lynn contains the £1

Noel runs through all the offers Kath received and says it was never a mega money game. Kath says she will get the carpets for her house, but will have to try the lottery for her mobile home.

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