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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Vivian's Deal or No Deal Game Report 18/10/11 - Deal or No Deal LIVE

Vivian's game today. Noel says we have a big problem today, and say they have considered every possibility during these live shows. Including what happened if there was a powercut, someone drops a box, or if the gameboard screen broke, but not what happens if the Banker's not around. Noel says that at the hotel last night the Banker met an attractive lady and took her off to France and has yet to return, as he missed his flight slot this morning.

We then see today's VT of Noel in Croydon, dressed as a gas man. Noel goes to a corner shop in Croydon to surprise Vivian and asks him if wants to play Deal or No Deal LIVE - Vivian says DEAL!

Vivian has box 13 today. Vivian applied for DoND a few years ago, and has brought his two daughters, his wife, son-in-law to help open some boxes during his game today. Noel then introduces us to today's live link up to Vivian's shop.

Noel tells us to keep up the social networking to the Banker via "bookfacing" and "twanking".

Round 1
1 - Nicky (Niece) - £20,000
Noel wonders if Vivan has a system developing.
2 - Clinton (Son) - 1p
Noel says we had father and daughter kiss yesterday, and now we have a father and son kiss today.
5 - Jaclyn (Family) - £5
17 - Sue (Daughter) - £1
20 - Stephen (Family) - £1,000

Banker time (maybe)
Noel says he has just had a message from production, and apparently the Banker has just landed and they're trying to get the mobile to work in his car. The Banker is in a taxi and the taxi driver is playing loud music and can't get him to turn it down. The Banker asks what amounts have gone and Noel says all the low amounts. The Banker says someone has Twittered him and he knows what's really happened.

Banker's offer:

Vivian says he is ready for the answer.

Vivian says

Round 2
10 - Natalia (Family/Friend) - £250,000
Noel says that's disappointing and he thinks Vivian wanted to be the first male £250k winner. Noel asks Dirk if being back in the Dream Factory has brought back good memories, and he says it has.
6 - Dirk (Ex-contestant) - £250
Vivian says he's had his shop for 15 years, which sells audio and video equipment. Noel asks if he has any Betamax players as Noel has some tapes of his early days that he'd like to watch. Vivian says he has and will sell it to Noel for £10, Noel says Deal. Noel then tells us the Banker is back!
16 - Gaz (Ex-contestant) - £75,000

Banker time
Noel thinks the Banker should apologise for being late, after taking a trip to France with a woman, but the Banker says it was worth it.

Banker's offer:

Vivian says

Round 3
3 - Leroy (Ex-contestant) - £35,000
8 - Christina (Daughter) - £5,000
Noel makes fun of Lucy's hair style.
22 - Lucy (Ex-contestant) - £750

Banker time
Noel picks up the phone and the receiver starts to fall off. The Banker says he knew that would as the company who used to make the phones are no longer in business and they had to call in the receivers.

Banker's offer:

Vivian says

Round 4
Noel asks if Vivian is enjoying the show, and he says yes. Noel asks Tracey if she would like any audio equipment, and says he spotted a 10 inch Bush in Vivian's shop.
4 - Tracey (Ex-contestant) - £10
7 - Mary (Ex-contestant) - £500
The gameclock has now appeared and there are 14 minutes remaining.
9 - Betty (Ex-contestant) - £10,000

Banker time
It's a balanced board says the Banker with 4 blues vs 4 reds. He thinks he can do a deal with Vivian now, especially if he has a new phone he could give him.

Banker's offer:

Noel asks what Vivian thought when he was told the offer was £9,000, and he says not much.

Vivian says

Round 5
11 - Harry (Ex-contestant) - 50p
14 - Bing (Ex-contestant) - £3,000
12 - Tony (Ex-contestant) - £50,000
Time remaining - 8:20

Banker time
Vivian thinks he has the £100,000 in his box. The Banker says he found that comment interesting, and that he doesn't fool him. He believes that Vivian does have the courage to go on.

Banker's offer:

Vivian says

Round 6
18 - Kay (Ex-contestant) - £100,000
19 - PJ (Ex-contestant) - £15,000
Noel says this is our first total crash game during the live shows.
21 - Nick (Ex-contestant) - £100

Banker time with 10p and £5 remaining

Banker's offer:

Vivian says

Noel opens Vivian's box 13 and reveals 10p

Vivian says he turned down the offers as he thought he had the £100,000, but says he has no regrets.

June (his wife) with box 15 has £5

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