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Friday, October 21, 2011

Ann's Deal or No Deal Game Report 21/10/11 - Deal or No Deal LIVE

Ann's game today. Noel says that it has been an amazing couple of weeks, and he thanks everyone for the support and enthusiasm for the LIVE shows, and reminds us that the last LIVE show is on Sunday. He talks about the last 2 games where the energy of the live games seems to have carried the players to the end and produced a good finish.

Noel introduces the video and tells us not to laugh at the name of the place where the contestant comes from today, it is Cockett in Swansea. He goes to the police station where Ann works and surprises her with the offer to play DoND LIVE. Noel gets a few volunteer box openers for Ann's game and then wonders into a laundrette to get another volunteer

Ann has box 15. Noel says that Ann made him nervous waving her box around on the walk of wealth. Ann talks about her career in the police force. She introduces her friends and family who are opening boxes today. Noel talks to Debbie who he spoke to in the laundrette.

Noel introduces the outside broadcast from Cockett police station, and they are broadcasting from the police cells

Noel welcomes us back to Cell or No Cell. He tells us to tweet the Banker and when in doubt Twank him, as that is now the official word for tweeting the Banker!

Round 1
Ann knows her first 5 boxes, and these are numbers that mean something to her and she wants to get rid of them so she isn't left with a problem over numbers at the end.
7 - 50p Diana (Friend)
13 - £500 Andrea (Friend)
Noel thinks he has sussed the system and the next box should be Nick - He thinks Ann is just going along the East wing
9 - £1 Nick (Ex-contestant)
22 - £50 PJ (ex-contestant)
Noel wonders if we will get our first all-blue opening LIVE round
5 - £250,000 Tracey (ex-contestant)

Banker time
Oh dear, I think we can put that system in the bin says Noel. The Banker loved the irony of that as we all expected a flash of blue for that last box and then the big one comes out. The Banker promises to not take the mickey out of the name Cockett. He says everyone online thinks he will offer 999 now, but he isn't

Banker's offer:

That is Ann's police number.

Ann says

Round 2
Ann says she took the wrong box and she should have taken out box 18! Noel says that she should take it out now to see what would have happened!
18 - £10 Sue (Friend)
Noel says we should ask if we can put box 5 back and start again. Ann wonders if we can edit this bit out and start again
17 - £250 Dale (Ex-contestant)
Noel asks Lucy what is going on with her hair today!
4 - 1p Vera (Ex-contestant)

Banker time
This is incredible and fantastic says Noel. The Banker says he doesn't ever think he has felt this bad after the £250,000 has gone, and he is nervous now. Noel says that he can't repeat something the Banker has just said!

Banker's offer:

Noel asks if anyone in Cockett dials 999 now will we see everyone rush off from the outside broadcast! Ann goes to the wings for advise. Noel reminds Ann about the time.

Ann says

Round 3
TAX-FREE Harry next, and he reminds us all winnings today are TAX FREE!
11 - 10p Harry (Ex-contestant)
This is extraordinary says Noel, and wonders what would have happened if Ann followed her system in the opening round.
3 - £5 David (Ex-contestant)
1 - £3,000 Sue (Friend)

Banker time
Noel asks the Banker if he is OK. The Banker says that this is the second worst run in he has ever had with the police, he once stole a calendar and got 12 months

Banker's offer:

Ann goes to the wings, and everyone tells her to carry on.

Ann says

Round 4
6 - £20,000 Maura (Mum)
16 - £100 Neil (Friend)
Noel wonders if Ann can take out the final blue in this last box. Noel predicts that Ann has a red in her box. He shows the game-clock with over 13 mins remaining.
8 - £10,000 Leroy (Ex-contestant)

Banker time
Wow it is 7-1 at 8-box says Noel. The Banker wishes to report a crime, as he is being robbed by another Welsh woman.

Banker's offer:

Ann says that she might cry now. She goes for a sweep of the wings, only 1 person would deal. Noel goes to the outside broadcast and no on would deal there.

Ann says

Round 5
Noel thinks that Ann will need to pick her pace up a bit here.
2 - £1,000 Lucy (Ex-contestant)
20 - £35,000 Helen (Friend)
14 - £50,000 Debbie (Friend)

Banker time
Ann says that it is still a good board, and Noel hopes this game doesn't have a sting in the tail after a good start.

Banker's offer:

OMG says Ann. Noel says we will have to manage the clock now. Gaz says that is an amazing offer. Ann says that she thought the Banker would have gone down. Ann says she has felt lucky all day. The Banker calls and tells Ann not to make a rash decision just because she is in a rush.

Ann says

Round 6 - Proveout Round
Ann says that she only expected to get £10,000 out of her game.
10 - £100,000 Kieron (Brother)
19 - £15,000 Betty (Ex-contestant)
21 - £750 Gaz (ex-contestant)

Banker time with £5,000 and £75,000 remaining

Noel thinks that Ann got away with that.

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens Ann's box 15 and reveals £75,000

Julie with box 12 contains the £5,000

Ann says that is just fantastic and she can do so much with the £24,000.

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