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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kelly's Deal or No Deal Game Report 13/10/11 - Deal or No Deal LIVE

Kelly's game today. Noel does his usual intro from outside today. Noel says he's had a busy day in Swansea today, but we'll hear about that next week. Noel then shows us a VT of him in a school in Osset, West Yorkshire where he is going to surprise a teacher. We then see Noel surprise Kelly in her classroom and makes her an offer to play LIVE Deal or No Deal - Kelly says DEAL!

Kelly has box 7 today. Noel asks Kelly if she's wearing one - a bra that is! As when Noel surprised her in school she didn't have one on! There is a camera crew in the school where Kelly works and we get to see lots of the school kids who have stayed behind after school to watch. Noel says the kids have a surprise for Kelly and they sing a song for her. A school bell goes off and Noel says it's time for a break.

Noel does his usual housekeeping and we're ready to go. Noel then says how we can tweet the Banker and try and influence the Banker, and he might even invite someone on the show.

Round 1
1 - Joycey (Ex-contestant) - £500
14 - Corinne (Ex-contestant) - £5
Noel says this could be a long hour if Kelly burns out all her emotion so soon.
5 - Dave (Ex-contestant) - £1
Noel says could this be the first all blue opening round we have for the live shows.
15 - Spike (Ex-contestant) - £20,000
Noel gets over dramatic and says Kelly's Mum better not ruin this for her daughter.
16 - Michelle (Mum) - £50,000

Banker time
The Banker says he enjoyed seeing the school, and the long dramatic pause before the children started singing. The Banker says he wished he had a Britain's Got Talent buzzer for when the kids sang as he would have buzzed them off! The Banker says he spotted a poster in the background of the school which says "The Banker is nasty". We then see a poster and the Banker asks for whoever it is to own up. He then tells the kid who done the poster to get out!

Banker's offer:

Noel chucks out McFly member Dougie from the audience for not clapping.

Kelly says

Round 2
21 - Jacky (Ex-contestant) - £10,000
19 - Marcus (Ex-contestant) - £35,000
Noel lets Dougie from McFly back in the studio.
3 - Louise (Brother's girlfriend) - £10

Banker time
Noel says to the Banker he would like the school girl allowed back into school and the Banker says "Tough!"

Banker's offer:

Noel says Danny (her husband) & Kelly have special voices for each other, and Noel gets them to demonstrate.

Kelly says

Round 3
Noel says he has an idea and asks if Kelly fancies a LIVE quickie! Kelly agrees.
18 - Graham (Ex-contestant) £5,000
12 - Barnaby (Ex-contestant) - £50
13 - Charles (Ex-contestant) - 10p

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Kelly says

Round 4
Noel says we don't do celebrities usually, but because he tweets the Banker so much he invited him on.
2 - Tom (McFly) - £250,000
The Banker rings up and says Tom can have more than one kiss on his tweets from now on.
20 - Mel (?) - £1,000
The gameclock now appears on the screens and 18:00 minutes are remaining.
4 - Rachael (Friend) - £100

Banker time
The Banker says he can tell Kelly is a great teacher, and knows that she was once named teacher of the year. The Banker wants to find out her good a teacher she is and says if Kelly deals this offer he'll allow the kid he chucked out earlier back into the school hall.

Banker's offer:

Kelly asks her husband Danny what he thinks. He says she came here with nothing and that £10,000 is a good amount of money, but there are still some good amounts left on the board.

Kelly says

Round 5
Noel comments on Craig's beard and wants to build the tension up for this box opening.
11 - Craig (Brother) - £3,000
8 - Mark (Brother-in-law) - £75,000
17 - Danny (Husband) - 50p
Time remaining at the end of the round - 9:41

Banker time
The Banker says he advises Kelly to take this next offer.

Banker's offer:

Someone from the audience shouts out "rubbish". Noel says this is the opposite from yesterday in how partners gave advice. Kelly asks for a quick sweep and what she should do. The majority say no deal, and two say deal.

Kelly says

Time remaining - 7:00

Round 6
6 - John (Dad) - £750
22 - Jonathan (Brother-in-law) - £250
Noel points out there is less than 5 minutes remaining.
10 - ? (Sister) - £100,000

Banker time with 1p and £15,000 remaining

The Banker says the bloke he shouted rubbish last time will shout it again.

Banker's offer:

Kelly says

Time remaining - 2:00

The Banker rings up and offers Kelly the swap.

Kelly says SWAP.

Noel swaps Kelly's box 7 for Suzanne's box 9.

Noel opens the swapped box 9 and reveals 1p.
Kelly goes home with 1p and becomes the 39th member of the 1p club.

Suzanne opens box 7 and reveals £15,000

The Banker then rings up and says that Kelly will still be going home with 1p, but he is not gonig to be totally cruel and says tat all the children at Kelly's school will be going on a trip to Alton Towers.

Kelly becomes the 39th member of the 1p club, and also the first person to win the 1p LIVE

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