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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Russell's Deal or No Deal Game Report 19/10/11 - Deal or No Deal LIVE

Russell's game today. Noel says that one of the things that he has found fascinating in the LIVE shows is that the family influence has changed so much then normal when friends and family sit in the audience, as now they appear on the wings and seem more involved, although yesterday Vivian ignored all his family and his wife throughout the show!

Noel introduces the video from Brighton today, and is going to surprise today's player, Russell. Noel and the camera crew LOUDLY make their way into Russell's workplace and make the offer to play DoND, but Russell agrees with some swearing thrown in! It takes about 4 takes to actually get Russel to agree to appear without any mistakes. Russell's friends and family agree to come down to the Dream Factory to open some boxes,

Russell has box 5 today. Russell is a carpenter, and has brought along some friends and family who he introduces. Russell's mum is back in Brighton, and Noel goes to the LIVE outside broadcast where there are lots more of Russell's friends and family including his mum watching.

Noel warns Russell to be on best behaviour with his mouth today as it does tend to run away with him, and one word out of place and he will be outside and Russell's dad will finish off the game!

Noel says that Russell is always called rhubarb Noel tells us all to try and influence the Banker today through Twitter.

Round 1
Leroy first and Noel says that if he reveals the 1p he will let him lick the rhubarb
2 - £10,000 Leroy (Ex-contestant)
12 - £5,000 Tracey (Ex-contestant)
Dirk next and he says he had his rhubarb with custard today!
14 - £100,000 Dirk (Ex-contestant)
20 - £50,000 Tony (Ex-contestant)
4 - £250,000 Aaron

Banker time
Noel says he can't recall anyone doing that sort of all red round in an opening round. The Banker is heard laughing down the phone. He says he is impressed with Russell biting his lip.

Banker's offer:
Rhubarb crumble

Russel says

Round 2
22 - £20,000 Craig (Friend)
We really need a blue here says Noel.
13 - £250 PJ (Ex-contestant)
3 - £100 Nick (Ex-contestant)

Banker time
Noel wonders if the Banker is still laughing, and he is, although he says he will increase the offer now as it was a better, and thinks about adding custard to the offer.

Banker's offer:

Russell says

Round 3
Noel asks Russell to take out the top 3 left on the board as he has heard that Russell makes squeaky noises when he gets excited!
15 - 50p Dave (Friend)
6 - £1,000 Gaz (Ex-contestant)
16 - £15,000 Bing (Ex-contestant)

Banker time
The game is not over until the end says Noel. The Banker says he feels sorry for Russell's girlfriend Fran, she has been with him for over 4 years and there has been no sign of an engagement ring. The Banker says he was going to stick.

Banker's offer:

Russell says

Round 4
19 - £50 Sam (Friend)
Tax-Free Harry next, and he reminds Russell that it is tax-free
18 - £5 Harry (Ex-contestant)
17 - £250 Will (Friend)

Banker time
Noel says that this is a most uncomfortable situation at the moment, although Russell remains confident. Noel shows the game-clock with over 18 mins remaining. The Banker calls and says that it is a very interesting scenario for Russell as he looks confident and with all his mates around him they could egg him on, so although he thinks the board is very much in his favour he won't be going low here.

Banker's offer:

Russell goes to his dad, he tells Russell that he knows him and his brothers are gamblers and Russell is a gambler as well. Gaz tells Russell to remember that it is not how you start the game it is how you finish. Russell's girlfriend says that they would go on a holiday with the money as they haven't been away for a couple of years.

Russell says

Round 5
9 - £75,000 Fran (Russell's girlfriend)
That is the painfull irony of these live shows says Noel.
21 - £1 Lucy (Ex-contestant)
You are fine with time says Noel, there are over 12 mins left. Noel runs through all the boxes remaining.
8 - 10p Garry (Friend)

Banker time
You could be about to do a sensational turnaround here says Noel. The Banker thanks Fran for being the perfect girlfriend, and if she was the Banker's girlfriend she would now be his fiancee.

Banker's offer:

That makes sense says Russell, and Noel says that there is still plenty of time left at the moment to consider this offer, and he will let Russell know when he thinks he should make a decision. Russell goes to the wings for advice.

Russell says

Round 6
11 - £500 Mary (Ex-contestant)
7 - 1p Betty
We are on the edge of something fantastic says Noel, and you are watching it live on Channel 4
10 - £10 Steve (Friend)

Banker time with £3,000 and £35,000 remaining

We still have 4 mins to run says Noel, and this is one of the most extraordinary turn arounds we have ever had. The Banker apologises for laughing at Russell at the start of the game and would now like to make friends with him!

Banker's offer:

That is a very good offer says Russell, and he asks his dad for some serious advice now. Russell's dad thinks he has the £35,000, and Noel says that a swap isn't guaranteed, and the Banker calls and says that he won't offer the swap. Russell does a sweep, and he gets a mixed response.

Russell says

Noel opens Russell's box 5 and reveals £3,000

Box 1 with Terry (Dad) contains the £35,000

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