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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kevin's Deal or No Deal Game Report 16/10/11 - Deal or No Deal LIVE

Kevin's game today. Noel thanks the viewership for all the support the LIVE shows have had over the week, and also mentions how the show broke the news of Liam Fox's resignation! He reinforces how none of the players knew they'd be playing.

Noel is in Curdworth, Warwickshire today, where he meets Hollie, who won 1p in Christmas '09, who talks about her experience!

He then meets up with Kevin's wife, and heads to their home, where he surprises Kevin when he gets home. Noel offers him the chance to play LIVE Deal. Kevin says 'DEAL'!

Kevin has Box 7 today. Kevin Evans is a house husband. He introduces us to the relatives he has in the wings, including his wife, father and brother.  We then head over to a pub in Curdworth, where a large group of supporters have gathered and are watching the show.

Round 1
Box 9 with Harry (ex-contestant) - £1,000
Box 17 with Tracey (ex-contestant) - £250,000
Box 10 with another Tracey (ex-contestant) - £50,000
Box 11 with Nick (ex-contestant) - £10
Box 13 with Malcolm (ex-contestant) - £50

Banker time...
Noel says how a tweet to the Banker is a Twanker!

Banker's offer:

Boos for that!

Kevin says:

Round 2
Box 2 with Martin (???) - £35,000
Another one, says Noel. Leroy next, and he talks about how his shop is doing. He says he doesn't want the 1p kiss!
Box 5 with Leroy (ex-contestant) - 1p
Box 12 with Betty (ex-contestant) - £5

Banker time...
The Banker accuses Betty of having a brandy under the wing!

Banker's offer:

Kevin's wife Suzi (who's on the wings) says there's another round in it. Noel says she has a keyring with a picture of him on one side and 'Mrs Noel Edmonds' written on the other! Suzi then comes out and shows off her shoes!

Kevin says:

Round 3
Box 6 with Candi (ex-contestant) - 10p
Noels suggests giving Candi a 10p squeeze!
Box 14 with Hollie (ex-contestant) - £3,000
Dirk next, and Noel says he'd forgotten Dirk's funny accent!
Box 20 with Dirk (ex-contestant) - £5,000

Banker time...

Banker's offer:

Noel says Kevin wants to extend his house.

Kevin says:

Round 4
These three are absolutely vital, says Noel.
Box 19 with Brian (brother-in-law) - £750
Box 4 with Neil (???) - £100
Box 18 with Dale (ex-contestant) - £10,000

Banker time...
The Banker says Kevin looks determined, and it could be tough to get a deal out of him. He mentions the film Indecent Proposal.

Banker's offer:
£13,000 + five minutes with Noel!

The timer comes up with just over twenty minutes left. Kevin says he wants to go on.

Kevin says:

Round 5
Box 21 with Peter (friend?) - £250
Gaz next, and Noel asks if he is still in the ice cream business. Noel reminds us how he lost the 250k in his first box, but won the 100k!
Box 16 with Gaz (ex-contestant) - £500
Noel points out that Bing is back, and that she has lost a lot of weight since she played.
Box 22 with Bing (ex-contestant) - £20,000

Banker time
Almost ten minutes left now. The Banker says people have been helping him with his offer on Twitter, where the view is it's time to get him out of the chair.

Banker's offer:

Kevin quickly asks for the question.

Kevin says:

Noel says the majority would have taken that. Eight minutes left. Noel feels sorry for the Banker!

Round 6
Box 1 with Lucy (ex-contestant) - £15,000
That doesn't tell us anything, says Noel.
Box 8 with Julie (???) - 50p
Now, he can't take them both, says Noel! What a scenario, he says!
Box 15 with John (Dad) - £100,000

Banker time with £1 and £75,000 remaining.

Banker's offer:

Three minutes left. The Banker says Kevin shouldn't let his kids see him win £1. His Dad tells him to deal.

Kevin says:

SWAP or NO SWAP with 1 minute to go!

Kevin says:

Noel reveals £75,000 in Kevin's Box 7!

Everyone comes out to congratulate Kevin.

Noel quickly opens Box 3 (with Kevin's wife Suzi) and reveals £1.

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