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Monday, October 10, 2011

Louise's Deal or No Deal Game Report 10/10/11 - Deal or No Deal LIVE

Louise's game today. Noel welcomes us to this very special occasion where the show is LIVE. Noel says we should feel how different the show will be today, with the added tension of getting a deal within the hour. He says all the contestants over the next couple of weeks until a few days ago didn't know they would be playing Deal or No Deal.

Noel says the first surprise he delivered was in Lancashire, and we get to see a video of Noel when he picked the first contestant who would be playing today. He starts searching for Lousie who is a hairdresser, and links up with her dad to surprise her. Noel dons a wig and sets up the surprise.

Noel then reveals the offer he has for Louise to play LIVE Deal or No Deal... Noel then offers some of Louise's friends to come to the Dream Factory and open boxes

Louise has box 7 today. Noel reveals that there are some former contestants opening boxes as well as lots of friends and family. Louise's dad can't be in the studio today, but DoND have set up a live feed to the hair salon so we can see Louise's dad, and he can watch the show.

Noel tells everyone that if you use Twitter you could possible influence the Banker today!

Round 1
1 - £10 Callum (ex-contestant)
17 - 1p John (friend of Louise)
This is the first ever LIVE kiss announces Noel. This is so different being LIVE says Noel.
10 - £100 Candi (Ex-contestant)
This is too good to be true says Noel.
9 - £5,000 Spike (Ex-contestant)
4 - £5 Dave (Ex-contestant)

Banker time
The Banker says Deal or No Deal house you are LIVE on TV, please do not swear! He says that opening round upset him as much as 2 shoes being kicked out of X-Factor last night!

Banker's offer:

Noel says that they have to manage the time well, so Louise might want to answer this one quickly.

Louise says

Round 2
22 - £750 Aaron (friend)
What a cracking game so far says Noel.
11 - £3,000 Becki (Friend)
12 - £50,000 Lauren (Ex-contestant)

Banker time
The Banker says that £50,000 is a big problem for Louise, and he is getting 1,000's messages about Noel's beard and also that he should up his offer now... The Banker tells the whole country to get stuffed and he is sticking!

Banker's offer:

Louise says that she has 7 reds above that offer...

Louise says

Noel says that Louise would like to win enough to buy a big house with a big drive to park a new car on. Louise talks about how she is big fan of Robbie Williams, and Noel says that he is best friends with his mum and could probably fix up a meet between them

Round 3
15 - £15,000 Barnaby (ex-contestant) Barnaby says he spent his £15,000 win in 2 months and it was great!
19 - 10p Chris (Friend)
13 - £250 Kimberley (Friend)

Banker time
The Banker says that everyone seems horribly confident today. He doesn't think Louise will win big today.

Banker's offer:

Louise asks for advice and Noel says that she must be quick.

Louise says

Round 4
6 - 50p Suzanne (Ex-contestant £250,000 winner)
Wow says Noel.
8 - £100,000 Paul (friend)
Noel shows the clock in the studio that shows that amount of time Louise has left to play her game - 15mins
16 - £250,000 Jacky

Banker time
That is a cruel blow to lose both of those in the same round. The Banker says that it is lovely to see Jacky again, and talks about the double coffin he was going to have with her!

Banker's offer:

There are big boos from the pilgrims for that offer. Louise says that this is tricky now, although you only play this game once.

Louise says

Round 5
5 - £20,000 Joycey (Ex-contestant)
This is a painful red run says Noel.
21 - £1 Corrine (Ex-contestant)
Noel says that Louise is OK for time as there is still 10mins on the clock.
2 - £1,000 (Louise's mum Pam)

Banker time
Mum did you proud there says Noel. Louise says that she is still positive. The Banker says that he wants to make this decision tough, as the longer Louise has to think the easier the game will be for him.

Banker's offer:

Oh no, that is a tricky one says Louise. She goes to her friend for some advice. Noel asks Lauren what she would do if she was playing again, and Lauren says she is a gambler so would play on. Noel goes LIVE to Louise's dad, and he says he would take the money, but he isn't Louise. Noel asks all the people LIVE in the salon with Louise's dad to cheer if they would deal, and there is no reaction. The Banker calls and says don't worry about the delayed reaction as they can edit that out later

Louise says

Round 6 - Proveout round
20 - £75,000 Charles (Ex-contestant)
14 - £50 Charlotte (Friend)
18 - £10,000 Linzi (Friend)

Banker time with £500 and £35,000 remaining

The Banker says that it is now time to find out if Louise is a bit of a gambler!

Banker's offer:

Noel says that they are coming down to 2 mins left in the game.

Louise says

Noel opens Louise's box 7 and reveals £500

Marcus (Ex-contestant) with box 3 contains the £35,000

Noel asks if Louise's dad had a big influence in that decision, and Louise says that dad knows best.

They then show a little montage at the end of Louise's game.

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