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Friday, October 07, 2011

Joycey's Deal or No Deal Game Report 07/10/11

Joycey has box 10 today. Joycey is from Newcastle, she says she is retired from a lot of jobs, she worked in a sweet factory, shoe factory, and DSS. After retirement she took a job in a residential care home, and she said she loved that as she could make people smile. Joycey says that she is here today to spank the Banker. She has a small figurine that someone found and gave to her as it reminded them of her. She shows us her pictures, and says that she has 5 children, but then says that she has got that wrong and she actually has 4 children! Joycey has her sister Laura in the audience for support today.

Round 1
11 - £15,000 Mark
Joycey says that she didn't write in Noel's book, and asks if she can write her target in the book.
21 - £250 Nicki
2 - £500 Julie
18 - 1p Woody
20 - £75,000 Petra

Banker time
The Banker says 'Oh dear, there are days when you just wish you had stayed in bed!' He says he has actually been looking forward to this game.

Banker's offer:

Joycey says that for what she wants to do she needs the big one. The Banker calls and says he is looking forward to this failure, and the last 6 years have been littered with people who have pointed at the £250,000 at the start of their games and then failed.

Joycey says

Round 2
6 - £3,000 Sam
19 - £35,000 John
9 - £10 Newbie Janine

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Noel asks Joycey what she would do with £12,000. Joycey says that she wants to get 20 people to Barbados for a holiday.

Joycey says

Round 3
16 - 50p Nick
3 - £10,000 Pavinder
1 - £100,000 Neil

Banker time
We are going to chase those blues away says Joycey. The Banker does respect how positive Joycey is, but that change what is in the boxes.

Banker's offer:

Joycey says

Round 4
22 - £1 Jess
17 - £20,000 Katie
7 - £50 Bill

Banker time
The Banker says that it is 4 vs 4, and it is as likely that there will be a blue win as a red win.

Banker's offer:

Joycey says that she doesn't do favourite numbers, but her house number is 28, and when she moved in a friend said that would bring her money, and 8+2=10 which is her box number.

Joycey says

Round 5
4 - £1,000 Kath
12 - £750 Angela
13 - 10p Geoff

Banker time
The sting in the tail was fantastic there says Noel, as it was in your favour. The Banker says that when he has a player as determined as Joycey he can only do 2 things, one is cross his fingers and then the other is to use an offer that will prove how determined Joycey is.

Noel asks if £30,000 would stop Joycey, then £33,000, then £35,000. Joycey says those are wonderful amounts, but she has to chase the big one, and asks Noel for the question.

Banker's offer:

Noel says that his role is quite straight forward really, and his role is to get the best result for the contestant. He then talks about the hard life that Joycey has had, and how she would like a big family holiday, and to help a local hospice.

Joycey says

Round 6
Wow says Noel.
5 - £100 Smah (Opened by Syrita)
8 - £5,000 Syrita
14 - £50,000 Sheila

Banker time with £5 and £250,000 remaining

You are so different to the other 4 people who went for the £250,000 says Noel. The Banker says the question he gets asked most often is why people get different offers for the same board, and he says it depends on the player, and Joycey is one player that couldn't be bought for the sums most people would take, and £60,000 wouldn't get her out the chair, and not even £80,000 would do it.

Banker's offer:

Wow says Joycey. Noel tells Joycey that he thinks everoyne in the studio and who is watching would deal here, but would Joycey. joycey thanks the Banker for the offer and says she could do so much with that offer, but she has to go with her box.

Joycey says

Noel says he has to Joycey if she would like the SWAP now.

Joycey says

Noel opens Joycey's box 10 and reveals £5

Joycey says that God loves a tryer.

Box 15 with Tony contains the £250,000

Noel says that Joycey has to explain this, and Joycey says that she does everything for everyone else, and she goes all in with everything.

Noel reveals that Joycey wrote Confetti in his book.

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Anonymous said...

No offense to Joycey, who is a wonderful lady, but turning down 90,000 pounds has to be the most stupid decision by a DOND player in the history of the show.