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Monday, October 03, 2011

Jodie's Deal or No Deal Game Report 03/10/11

Jodie has box 4. Jodie is a trainee family therapist, and Noel says she'd love to take the banker to karaoke in her local pub! Jodie shows a pic of her with her dad, and another pic of her with her family. Jodie talks about her partner and what he's like, and then the banker phones and says Jodie's rattling away as she's wearing loose jewellery! He gets her to take it all off, including her watch, and has it taken to him as a deposit! She shows a lucky charm she has with her which she found when she was 12. She has a her mum in the audience today.

Round 1
Newbie Geoff now, and he reveals he used to walk by Noel in the corridor as he worked in the art department on Telly Addicts!
18 - newbie Geoff - 50p
14 - Smah - £10
3 - Mark - 10p
10 - Nicki - £500
20 - Bill - £750

Banker time
Noel gets very excited about how that was an all-blue opening round, as there hasn't been one for a while. The banker hangs up on Noel, and Jodie says she's only seen 3 people go away with a blue since she's been there. The banker rings back and says he hopes Jodie's jewellery will sell well, and he's got a few people watching the items but no bids yet!

Banker's offer:

Jodie says that's an amazing amount of money, and her mum agrees. Jodie says she feels really lucky and is drawn to 13.

Jodie says

Round 2
Noel gets some handcuffs out of the pound table and they fall apart!
13 - Nick - £50,000
6 - Andy - £35,000
5 - Petra - £250,000

Banker time
The banker says those 2 rounds were like chalk and cheese. He says the most shocking thing is that Noel drinks gin and tonic during the show, and we get to see what happened during the break! Jodie accidentally drank Noel's drink and said it was gin and tonic. Noel then pretends he's drunk and declares his love for some of the contestants!

Banker's offer:

Jodie says

Round 3
21 - Tony - 1p
1 - David - £100,000
Jodie talks about her job as a family therapist. She then gets worried that she's already picked box 12, as it means a lot to her and she wanted to keep it, but then realises it's still on the wings.
12 - Jess - £75,000

Banker time
Noel comments on how Jodie's just taken out the whole Power 5 and the 1p!

Banker's offer:

Jodie reveals her target is anything over £10k, and she felt so positive after she had an offer higher than that at the 1st offer.

Jodie says

Round 4
Noel comments on Jodie's dreams, including travelling around the USA, and she'd also like a new car as hers is bashed up!
22 - Katie - £1
2 - Parvinder - £5,000
11 - Sam - £10,000
"OH NO" says Noel...

Banker time
Noel says "oh dearum dearum" and says how modest the board is after such a strong start to the game.

Banker's offer:

Jodie says the £15,000 is still there.

Jodie says

Round 5
8 - Angela - £250
16 - Woody - £15,000
17 - John - £50

Banker time
The banker says he concedes that Jodie has been put through the mill by this game. He says that £20,000 is very exposed, and Jodie would be very wise to take this offer.

Banker's offer:

Jodie asks her mum, who says it's a lot of money, but it's Jodie's game. Jodie talks about how her dad was on his death bed when she graduated from her first uni course, and she'd like to treat her mum when she graduates from her postgraduate course.

Jodie says

Round 6
Noel says the odds are against Jodie, but games recently have rewarded bravery.
19 - Neil - £1,000
Noel says that box didn't really tell us anything as it was in the middle.
15 - Joycey - £3,000
The banker rings and says the next box will definitely be the £20,000, and he's managed to sell Jodie's jewellery!
9 - Sheila - £20,000

Banker time with £5 and £100 remaining...

The banker picks up on how Jodie said she thought she might win £75k.

Banker's offer:

Jodie says

Jodie wins £100 from her box 4.

Box 7 with Tammie contains the £5

Jodie says £100 will pay for a nice hotel room for her and her mum.

The banker rings and says if Jodie wants her jewellery back then she needs to pay him £100! He then says he's not that evil and is giving her the jewellery back.

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