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Monday, October 17, 2011

Veronica's Deal or No Deal Game Report 17/10/11 - Deal or No Deal LIVE

Veronica's game today. Noel does his intro from the gallery today and says which one of them will say "roll titles"? Noel talks about Kevin's game yesterday, and the live link-up to the pub near where Kevin lives. Noel says the last box in the game wasn't opened yesterday and how Noel had to do it or the game would be void. He then shouts at the people on the wings to never desert their posts!

Noel shows us a VT of him in Birkenhead, where he is going to surprise a worker in Burger King. Noel then surprises Veronica, who was in the middle of a shift in Burger King. Noel asks if Veronica would like to play LIVE Deal or No Deal, and Veronica says - DEAL! Noel asks some staff and customers if they'd like to open a box during Veronica's game.

Veronica has box 9 today. Veronica is from Birkenhead, and has brought her good friend Jules, brother Martin, dad Dave and her mum Margaret to open some boxes. Noel points out that Kate & Katherine, who are on the wings, were picked from random in the shopping centre.

Noel says we're going to have our first international link-up today in the Pyramids - The Pyramid shopping centre in Birkenhead.

Round 1
We see the live link-up again where Veronica's partner and kid are watching. Noel says the social networking has been going well this week and to keep it up, and has coined a phrase for tweeting the Banker - "twanking".
12 - Amy (Friend) - £750
20 - Lorraine (Sister-in-law) - £5
14 - Lucy (Ex-contestant) - £250,000
15 - Tammi (?) - 10p
10 - Nick (Ex-contestant) - £15,000

Banker time
The Banker says he's had a horrible weekend, and there was two big winners yesterday. Kevin and the landlord of his local pub. The Banker says he is the Ronald McDonald to Veronica's Burger King.

Banker's offer:
A Big Mac

Noel asks if Veronica wants to chew on the offer.

Veronica says

Round 2
Noel asks Harry what his catchphrase was, and how much he won. Harry says "£20,000 tax free!"
4 - Harry (Ex-contestant) - £20,000
Noel says he didn't want £20,000 from the box!
11 - Lorraine (Sister) - 50p
Veronica says she enjoys her job and the flexibility it offers.
2 - Margaret (Mum) - £50,000

Banker time
The Banker says this is not a Big offer, but it's a Whooper.

Banker's offer:

Veronica says

Round 3
Veronica has brought a little statue of her dog Jake along as a lucky charm, who has sadly passed away. Noel asks why would we remember PJ, and points out because he won 1p, and because he won £15,000 from an audience competition the show used to do.
17 - PJ (Ex-contestant) - £100
19 - Dirk (Ex-contestant) - £100,000
1 - Betty (Ex-contestant) - £1

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Some of the pilgrims boo quietly, and Noel says if they're going to boo and hiss put some effort into it!

Veronica says

Round 4
Veronica would like some money to get married to her boyfriend Ray, and have an extension to the house and help pay off the mortgage.
13 - Dave (Dad) - 1p
Noel says that's a moment of history as the first father & daughter 1p kiss on the show.
12 - Jules (Friend) - £50
The gameclock has now appeared and there is 16 minutes remaining.
18 - Kate (Randomly picked from the shopping centre) - £5,000

Banker time
The Banker says he's forced to go large with this offer.

Banker's offer:

Veronica says

Round 5
Noel says we need a sensational round now.
21 - Bing (Ex-contestant) - £3,000
Two more blues and the offer will go skywards, says Noel.
22 - Leroy (Ex-contestant) - £1,000
Noel says we're fine for time.
16 - Gail (?) - £500
Time remaining - 11:00

Banker time
The Banker says he'd love Veronica to go on and leave the two blues, but would hate for her to go on and leave the two large reds instead.

Banker's offer:

Veronica asks PJ for some advice, and he asks her what does the money mean to her and that it's a tricky board. Betty says to go with your heart.

Veronica says

Round 6 - Proveout
Veronica said she would have kept box 5 to the end.
7 - Tony (Ex-contestant) - £250
Noel shouts at someone who clapped. Noel says he is pleased to see Tegen back.
8 - Tegen (Ex-contestant) - £75,000
3 - Martin (Brother) - £10

Banker time with £10,000 and £35,000 remaining.

Banker's offer would've been:

Veronica says she the money will help sort her loft out. Noel says it's important to leave the Dream Factory here with no regrets.

Noel opens Veronica's box 9 and reveals - £35,000

Box 5 with Katherine (Random person from the shopping centre) has the - £10,000.

We go to the live link-up where Veronica's boyfriend Ray is to get his reaction. He says we've had worse days. Noel asks Ray if £15,000 is enough for a wedding, Ray says he's not sure. Noel asks Ray that surely now is the time to propose. Ray then asks Veronica that he does have a question to ask - "Where's the phone charger?"

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Wasn't today a void game? The final box was not opened.