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Friday, October 14, 2011

Martin's Deal or No Deal Game Report 14/10/11 - Deal or No Deal LIVE

Martin's game today. Noel welcomes us to another LIVE Deal or No Deal and he says sorry to Kelly for creating the first LIVE 1p winner, and says that she is now in her own exclusive club. Noel talks about the SWAPs going wrong so far this week, and also the curse of the celebrity when Tom from McFly revealed the £250,000.

Noel introduces the video for today's contestant. Noel is shown wearing a Noel mask as a disguise himself from today's contestant.

Martin has box 5 today. Martin is a warehouse oerative from Bognor Regis. Martin has his friends and family on the wings, and introduces his fiancee as well who is expecting their 2nd child.

Noel goes to the LIVE outside broadcast where Martin's mum is with his son and other friends and family.

Round 1
22 - 50p Candi (Ex-contestant)
19 - £5 Jez (Friend)
16 - £10,000 Marcus (Ex-contestant)
6 - £1,000 Jacky (Ex-contestant)
8 - 1p Charles (Ex-contestant)

Banker time
Noel gets Charles and Martin in front of the gameboard for their 1p kiss! The Banker says he is looking forward to Martin's game and thanks him for making an effort with his appearance!

Banker's offer:

Martin says that is a lovely offer but he is ready for the question.

Martin says

Round 2
Noel chats to Dale and says his was one of the most emotional and popular games ever and asks him to remind us how much he won in his game, and Dale confirms it was £100,000.
10 - 10p John (Dad)
17 - £100,000 Lindsay (Friend)
This is feeling really good says Noel, and he knows why Martin is doing well, and it is because Noel is wearing new shoes and jeans!
2 - £75,000 Charlie (Friend)

Banker time
The Banker asks what Martin is drinking as he works for Philips, and Martin says it is water, but the Banker thinks he should be drinking a screwdriver!

Banker's offer:

Martin says

Round 3
Noel asks Martin if he wants a quickie
15 - £50 Jay (friend)
3 - £3,000 Brad (friend)
12 - £5,000 Dale (Ex-contestant)

Banker time
A blue and 2 reds was good there says Noel, and the quickies are working on the live shows.

Banker's offer:

Martin says

Round 4
18 - £100 Corrine (Ex-contestant)
Martin picks 'Scruffy Noel' (ex-contestant) Graham next!
21 - £250,000 Graham (Ex-contestant)
Noel points to the gameclcok which has 19 mins left.
1 - £500 Carl (Friend)

Banker time
The block of reds is still there, and the Banker doesn't like blocks. The Banker thanks Graham for his box, and he doesn't agree with everyone who says that Graham looks like a wax work of Noel left next to an Aga!

Banker's offer:

Noel tells Martin he has plenty of time to discuss this offer if he needs it. Martin goes to Barnaby who says he is in a strong position with the block of reds.

Martin says

Round 5
11 - £35,000 Suzanne (Ex-contestant)
Oliver Phelps who plays George Weasley in the Harry Potter films. Noel says we would like something measley out of this
20 - £10 (Oliver)
Martin picks Barnaby with 13 but then changes his mind! Then a piece of confetti falls from the roof!
7 - £20,000 Kevin (Brother)

Banker time
You've tipped the 5-box into the Banker's favour says Noel. The Banker says that there was only one bad box in that round for him.

Banker's offer:

Noel tells Martin he is still OK with time as he has 10mins at the moment. Martin goes to his fiancee who says that £5,000 would get them what they need. Dave tells Martin he would be drawn to play on, but that £5,000 is real money for Martin. MArtin ponders over the offer with 8 mins left.

Martin says

Round 6
14 - £1 Ruth (Fiancee)
9 - £250 Dave (Ex-contestant)
This week it has swung the Banker's way at this critical point says Noel.
13 - £750 Barnaby (Ex-contestant)

Banker time with £15,000 and £50,000 remaining

Totally against the odds you got an all-blue round at the critical time says Noel. He points to the game-clock with 4 mins left. The Banker is crying that is not what he wanted.

Banker's offer:

Dave thinks the offer is a bit low and he should go for it, and everyone else seems to agree.

Martin says

Noel opens Martin's box 5 and reveals £50,000

Joycey with box 4 contains the £15,000

Martin says that is more than he has ever had or seen, and a wedding is definately on.

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