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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Kelly's Deal or No Deal Game Report 01/07/10

Noel says the devotees of the show will be familiar with the fact that the luck goes in cycles, and he says that's happening at the moment, when Daphne won 50p after 3 sensational games.

Kelly has box 4. Kelly is an account manager, and she has her fiancée in the audience. Noel says he proposed to her 10 years ago, and Kelly says she's always had a dream of a really big wedding, which may take years and years of planning! We get to see a pic of Kelly's daughter, and she explains how hard it was for her to get pregnant, and she says she also had a baby son but lost him when he was only 2 months old.

Kelly has 2 stones with her for good luck, and they have "health" and "wealth" written on them.

Round 1
Noel says Kelly looks great for someone who has just gained a couple of stones.
20 - Maria - £1
11 - Yvonne - £100,000
Jenks is back now, after being ill for 3 days. Noel says Jenks tore a ligament in his leg, and he gets him to show everyone his leg!
12 - Jenks - £10
1 - Darren - £5
3 - Ovie - 10p

Banker time
The banker says it's good to have Jenks back. He apologises for the stones, and says he doesn't know how his kidney stones ended up with Kelly.

Banker's offer:

Kelly says

Round 2
6 - Rob - £15,000
Noel says Dennis looks like a frog chewing a wasp! Noel says he has love for Dennis really.
16 - Laura - £5,000
13 - Hayley - £100

Banker time
Noel says the banker sounds jaded, and he says he feels lonely because of all the talk of love and marriage. He says the average UK wedding costs £15,000. He says Kelly will never get married.

Banker's offer:

Kelly says

Round 3
18 - Carly - £20,000
21 - Jez - £10,000
7 - Dennis - £500

Banker time
The banker talks again about how Kelly has waited 10 years so far to get married, and he says it's a fear of commitment! Kelly says they're already committed though.

Banker's offer:

The banker says she'll take that if she really loves her fiancee! Kelly says she has 4 of the power 5, and the banker only has 2 of his.

Kelly says

Round 4
8 - Danny - £1,000
Kelly says she's running out of numbers, which confuses Noel! She says most of the remaining numbers mean something to her.
19 - Cedelle - 1p
17 - Mini - £750

Banker time
Noel says this is a fabulous 8-box. The banker says if Kelly wants more money than this, then she has to turn down her dream wedding.

Banker's offer:

Noel says the banker is challenging Kelly to decline the offer. The banker phones back with a message for Kelly's daughter, and says Mummy doesn't love Daddy if she says no deal!

Kelly says

Round 5
9 - Dai - £3,000
5 - Christina - £50
14 - Dave - £250

Banker time
Noel says Kelly would have to be incredibly unlucky to win 50p from this point. Kelly does an evil laugh to the banker! The banker says he has a message for Kelly's daughter, and that her mummy does love daddy, but the banker doesn't love mummy!!

Banker's offer:

Noel asks if they could get married this year using that, and they say yes. Kelly says it'd sort out all their targets, but she says even the worst case scenario would still give her a shot of winning £35,000. Jenks tells her to think about the offer, as it'd give a great wedding and so much more. Danny talks about how the offers jumped in the final stages of Del's game.

Kelly says

Round 6
Noel says it almost feels impossible for Kelly to win 50p.
2 - Emma - £250,000
Noel says that's actually OK, but only if Kelly finds the 50p now.
15 - newbie Imani - £50,000
"NO NO" shouts Noel.
22 - Paul - 50p

Banker time with £35,000 and £75,000 remaining

Noel checks everyone feels OK still, and he says he doesn't care how the banker feels. The banker says he has a message for Kelly's daughter, and it's that they're going to live happily ever after with...

Banker's offer:

Kelly says her target was between £30,000 and £35,000, so she's guaranteed that, but she says £50,000 would do so much more.

Kelly says

Kelly has £75,000 in her box 4.

Box 10 with Harry contains the £35,000

Kelly says she's so happy with that, and she says they'll definitely be having the wedding now!

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