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Monday, July 19, 2010

Carly's Deal or No Deal Game Report 19/07/10 - Desert Island Deal

There is a Robinson Crusoe feel to the studio this week as everyone has been marooned on a desert island for the final week of season 5. The studio, pilgrims, contestants and Noel are suitably dressed for the theme.

Noel dressed as a hermit welcomes us to this special week. Noel shows us 3 bottles that have been washed up on the shore and says he has to wait for a call to reveal what they are.

Carly has box 19 today. Carly is a business support administrator, and Noel reveals that Carly has a unique collection of phobias, bananas, mushrooms, and big animals! Noel offers Carly a banana! Carly has a little red box that her friend made for her, inside she has braclet that her friend made and also some photos. There is a photo of Carly with her dad who is a cabbie,

Round 1
The Banker calls before the start of the round and says Ahoy to everyone, he says there is an envelope on the island that has details of a holiday that Carly can win if she finds the 1p in the opening round
20 - £15,000 Danny
6 - £5,000 Maria
4 - 10p Jayne
10 - £3,000 Paul
7 - £10 Linda

Banker time
What a shame there is no holiday says Noel, but it was still a good round. Hard Chedder says the Banker! The Banker says it was an excellent opening round

Banker's offer:

That is a lot of money says Carly.

Carly says

Round 2
12 - £50 Daphne
Noel says he is totally distracted by the popstar on the wings, as Sinita has turned up on the wings! He points out Haj who he says looks like Sinita in his costume today
3 - 50p Balbina
18 - £35,000 Stephen

Banker time
That's the first of the power 5 says Noel.

Banker's offer:

Noel wonders about the 3 bottles and how they will affect the game. Noel asks Carly what she will do with the money and she thinks about a holiday and a car. Noel then asks if Carly has found love, and Carly says she found a very nice gentleman called Del who played earlier, and Noel asks if it was because he won £70,000! Carly says she knew Noel would say that!

Carly says

Round 3
11 - £50,000 Kevin
8 - £20,000 Laura
We need that 1p now says Noel.
16 - £1 Martyn

Banker time
Noel says he thinks the car and holiday will be on holiday for a while. The Banker talks about Del and how he had the £250,000 in his box and he had box 19, which is what Carly has!

The Banker says it is time to get his bottles out! 2 bottles say DESERT ISLAND, and 1 says TREASURE ISLAND

Banker's offer:
£10,000 + 1 Bottle

If Carly finds TREASURE ISLAND the offer is doubled to £20,000

Carly gets some advice from the wings.

Carly says

Round 4
2 - £75,000 Dan
9 - £750 Keeley
15 - £5 Dai

Banker time
That's better says Noel, and he wonders what the Banker will do now. The Banker says that the £75,000 was a big box to take out.

Banker's offer:
£8,000 + 2 bottles.

If Carly doesn't find the TREASURE ISLAND he will cut the offer in half to £4,000, but if she finds the TREASURE ISLAND he will double it to £16,000

Carly gets more advice from the wings, and Harry tells her to take a moment to think about this.

Carly says

Round 5 - Proveout round
Noel says we will check the bottles at the end to see what Carly goes home with.
5 - £10,000 Haj
17 - £1,000 Harry
1 - £100,000 Newbie Jade

Banker time

Banker's offer would've been:
£13,000 + 1 bottle.

If Carly had found TREASURE ISLAND in the bottle her offer would be doubled to £26,000

Round 6 - Proveout round
21 - £500 Caroline
22 - £100 James
Oh no says Carly. The Banker calls back and says he would have called here to say Carly's next offer would have been £70,000 if she doesn't find the £250,000
13 - £250,000 Paul G

Banker time with 1p and £250 remaining

You must be feeling a lot better now says Noel.

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel wonders if Carly would have had the complete opposite to Del who had the £250,000 in his box 19.

Noel opens Carly's box 19 and reveals 1p

That is extraordinary says Noel

Imani with box 14 has the £250

Noel goes over the island with the bottles.

Carly has to now pick 2 bottles and try to find the bottle containing TREASURE ISLAND. If she can find TREASURE ISLAND her win is doubled to £16,000, but if she finds both the DESERT ISLAND's her win is halved to £4,000

Carly chooses

Noel breaks the YELLOW bottle and is contains DESERT ISLAND

Neol breaks the RED bottle and reveals DESERT ISLAND

Carly goes home with £4,000

Carly says she has had the best time ever on the show.

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