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Friday, July 02, 2010

Jenks' Deal or No Deal Game Report 02/07/10

Noel says this is the dream factory, and we have definitely been manufacturing dreams lately. He talks about Kelly's game yesterday and how she won £50,000 and can now have her dream wedding.

Jenks has box 21. Jenks explains that he tore a ligament since he arrived on the show. Jenks is a graphic designer, and Noel points out that Del from the other day was a graphic designer, and Jenks says he is often neat and tidy, which is another similarity to Del. Jenks has his wife in the audience, and they talk about how New York is important in their life, and that's where they met. He explains his first ever flight was across the Atlantic! Jenks shows a pic of their children, and some pics of him and his wife in New York.

Round 1
Jenks says he didn't have a system but he now does! He says he's picking numbers that mean something to him first.
6 - Jez - £75,000
8 - Emma - 50p
12 - Danny - £250,000
18 - newbie Kevin - £5
9 - Carly - £100

Banker time
The banker says the luck is more like a yo-yo than a rollercoaster at the moment!

Banker's offer:

Jenks says his box is worth much more than that!

Jenks says

Round 2
3 - Paul - 10p
1 - Imani - £50,000
5 - Darren - £5,000

Banker time
Jenks reveals that he has a collection of about 6,000 baseball cards! The banker says he knows about baseball himself because he's a nerd. He thinks Jenks is a determined player who'll give it a go...

Banker's offer:

Jenks talks about some expensive baseball cards that he'd like...

Jenks says

Round 3
Jenks says he's moving onto numbers which are relevant to baseball now...
4 - Dai - £100,000
Jenks says he knew he should've done his system the other way round! Harry now, and Noel says he reckons Harry lives with his mum and has lots of magazines in the attic, and Harry says he's close, as he has magazines about computer games.
2 - Harry - £750
Dennis now, and Noel asks if he likes baseball and he says "no". He says he prefers less energetic sports!
7 - Dennis - £50

Banker time
Noel says Jenks should be happy that £20,000 and £35,000 are still on the board. The banker says that round was a baseball round with 3 strikes. He says that when a significant baseball player retires, they retire the number with the player and he'd like Jenks to retire now!

Banker's offer:

Noel says it's extraordinary that the offer didn't go down. Jenks asks his wife, who says he still has big amounts on the board. They say they'd pay off some bills with that money, and go on holiday, but they'd like more.

Jenks says

Round 4
Jenks trips over one of the lamps in the floor, and Noel says the whole lot will have to be replaced and it'll cost about £5,000.
15 - Hayley - £20,000
"Oooh come on" says Noel.
17 - Christina - £500
Jenks's wife reminds Jenks that he's only here once and he needs to concentrate to get some good money.
22 - Laura - £3,000

Banker time
The banker thinks Jenks is married to the voice of doom, but he agrees with her! Noel says the banker sounded very stern and he tells Jenks not to push it.

Banker's offer:

Jenks speaks to his wife, and she says it's a lot of money and he'd have to be very unlucky to have the worst case scenario. Dave and Rob offer some words of encouragement.

Jenks says

Round 5
11 - Ovie - 1p
14 - Cedelle - £10
16 - Mini - £10,000

Banker time
Jenks asks if he can have a word with the banker and the banker says no, so Jenks asks if he can have a mug, and the banker says no again!

Banker's offer:

Jenks says it's amazing how serious the game has become now, and Noel says we're at the business end of the game now. Rob says he thinks now would be a good point to make an offer after every box! The banker phones back and says no. His wife says the money is better than £1, and Darren says he doesn't want to see him win a blue.

Jenks says

Round 6 (proveout)
13 - Maria - £15,000
20 - Dave - £1
19 - Yvonne - £1,000

Banker time with £250 and £35,000 remaining

Noel says this is quite an interesting situation.

Banker's offer would've been:

Jenks has £250 in his box 21.

Box 10 with Rob contains the £35,000

Noel says Jenks could have had significantly more, but Jenks says the £8,000 will make some happy dents in their lives!

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